Gifts are suitable for different occasions, sometimes you need a gift that says everything you have in mind exactly the way it is. You can trust My Gift Card for that. They offer the best attractive cards filled with inscriptions that capture your heart. The gift card not only helps you in buying your favorite stuff but at the same time MyGiftCardSite customer service helps in making this process worthwhile. Move on to login and make your choice.


Once you have decided to avail the benefits of MyGiftCardSite, you can get the card activated simply by going through some steps. These steps are as follows:

  • Start off by going to the official website which is The site will help you in activating the card that you have.
  • All the extra information that you need to have will be provided to you through a lot of pop-up windows that are a part of the website.
  • You will need to log into your account in order to activate your card. Once the card has been activated, you will now be able to check MyGiftCardSite Check Balance as well.
  • In order to log into the account, you will be required to enter the card number that you have. The number will consist of six digits. That would lead to you going through the process of MyGiftCardSite Register.

Checking your remaining balance on the card is extremely easy. If you look forward to choosing the MyGiftCardSite Visa Balance, all you need to do is to put in the card number in the box given. The security card will be needed to put in next and after that, you need to select the login option. A new page will appear after that which will lead to you getting to know your Mastercard Gift Card Balance.

Gift Card Customer Service

The customer services provided by the company are simply amazing. When it comes to having the MyGiftCardSite Customer Service, all you need to do is to go to the FAQ section of the website.