BEST FREE MOVIE WEBSITES – stream movies at your convenience

The following are some of the best free movie websites out there. A person can stream movies here at his or her convenience and most of the videos can be downloaded. They are:



Peacock has several unique films that you may not find on other sites. The movies are from studios like Universal, Focus Feature, and Dreamworks Animation. Movies are categorized into fun sections like Hidden Gems, The Bill Murray Collection, Cult Corner, Written by Women, and others.

Access to additional titles and ad-free videos comes with a cost. The movies that cost have a purple feather in the corner of the thumbnail to distinguish them from the free ones. A user account is required.


Kanopy offers thousands of free videos and new movies are added often. A library card from a supporting library is required to watch movies here. The Kanopy signup page can be used to search for your library and once approved, you can start watching the movies on their website.

A separate section for children’s movies is available here and there are no ads display within the movies.

Internet Archive Movie Archive

This is a place to find free movies online. It has a much wider variety of films than similar sites and movies are easily downloaded.

Movies can be sorted by the view, date archived, title, and creator. Videos from 2020 back through the 1900s are seen here though modern blockbusters will not be found here.


There are thousands of movies here and lots of them have high quality. The movies are popular and can be sorted out in a number of ways. Films can be sorted out by romance, comedy, action, family, kids, suspense, faith, and inspiration.

Besides streaming the free movies, a person has the option to buy and rent movies here. A user account is required to watch movies on Vudu and the registration is completely free.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV allows you to watch movies and TV shows as they become available on its live TV service. It has the same feel as a TV’s channel guide, where one can view what will be on later in the day. Live TV and movies can be watched from a web browser or through mobile and desktop app.

Comedy, action, drama, horror, and other movies can be found here and moves can be started from an earlier time and watched live. Live-streamed movies however can’t be watched again on demand.

The Roku Channel

This site offers free high-quality movies. It works on computers, mobile devices, and TVs. In addition to movies is live TV from channels like ABC News and People TV. No user account is necessary to download movies and free TV shows are available.

The Roku channel however works only in the US and Canada if a person is streaming from a Roku player or Roku TV.


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