Basic Guide to Updating Billing Address of your credit card

Basic Guide to Updating Billing Address of your credit card.

If you are leaving your present address, see that you inform your credit card issuer and lenders, and also tell them your new address. This is necessary because it helps them to bring your billing statements and any replaced credit card directly to your address.

Also, giving them your new or correct address, you will be able to get your billing statement early and as such, you can avoid late payments that is making your payment early. This can also prevent your credit card statements ( that is a document that has all the personal information in your credit card) from entering into the wrong hands. So, your credit card issuer will send essential documents or replacement card to the address written on the file. See to it that the address is correct.

You Can Change Your Billing Address using this method.

Changing your billing address is necessary if you are leaving a particular location. So, we have here 4 ways or methods with which you can do that.

The first is writing the new address at the back of your payment coupon.

For those that mail their monthly credit card payments, you can write your new address in the space provided at the back of your payment coupon. And at the front of the payment coupon, you are to check the box indicating that you have changes on your phone number or address. If you have changes to make, you can do it this way especially for those using mail. To enable the person processing your payment to know that you have changed and update your information.

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Calling the customer service is the second method.

To do this just go to the back of your credit card, search and call the customer service number there. Just you calling them, your address will be changed in a twinkle of an eye and you will not have to wait for the arrival of the mail before certain things can be changed. On the same call, you can even make a phone payment and update your billing address.

Updating Billing Address

You can make an address change online.

This is an added advantage to those who must have set up an online account for their credit card. Not only that you check your credit card balance, make the payment but you can also make some changes on your credit card. So, log in to your online account then searches for a link to update your account and personal information.

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The last but not the least is to file a change of address with United States Postal Service (USPS).

Therefore,  you can demand an address change with the USPS by; phone, requesting form at the post office or online. With this, all emails and credit card statements will be sent. For mail, it is sent up to a year ( that is for 6 months first, and an option to extend of which you will have to make if you want ). But if you file the change of address by phone (1-800-ASK-USPS)  or online. Then, you are to ma use of a billing address that has your old or new address and a credit (or debit) card. But you will be charged $1 for the verification of your identity by postal service.

Note those having more than one credit card are to make their own changes separately on each of their credit cards no matter how they choose to do it. And that it may take some time before you get a mail that is processed through the change of address.

You may notice that your credit card issuer is sending mail to your current address. This is because the postal service informs your billers of your current address. So long your credit card issuer is to report your address to the credit bureau, creditor and any other business ( with good reasons for checking your credit report) they can get your new address from your credit report.

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Be Sure that none of your billers is missing | Updating Billing Address

Set up a checklist for each of your credit card issuer and other billers to see that your address was corrected. Go through the list very well and make sure no company was missing, you can use canceled checks or bank statements. Then, tick each creditor on the list if you have changed your address. Finally, you can even keep the list for future use.

Updating Billing Address

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