www.ssneac.com – HomeAccess Stop and Shop

Are you a Stop and Shop employee? If yes, pay attention to this information. Employees can reach Stop and Shop Associate Connect at www.ssneac.com. The website is designed for employees. They can use it to access company information. Information like their work schedule, payroll, and employee discounts.

www.ssneac.com – HomeAccess Stop and Shop

Stop and Shop Associate Connect

Do you want to start and access your employee account information? There are two links that you can choose from:

  • New England Division Associate Connect
  • New York Metro Division Associate Connect

You are to choose the link you are at home with. Inside the page, select the link at the top and click on Associate, connect here.

From there you will see different categories: My Online HR, My Schedule Manager, and Associates Discounts. Each section has a link. The link will enable you to log in to the particular service directly.

Stop and Shop Employee Login

Are you looking for HR and Payroll information? Don’t worry, there is a way out. You can use My online HR section.

  • Visit ssneac.com
  • Under My, Online HR. click on Go to My Online HR link
  • Enter your user ID
  • Enter your password
  • Enter your PIN
  • Click on the Submit button
  • If you have not set up a PIN, you can use your store computer to set it up
  • If you are having some challenges logging in, you should your store manager or supervisor
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Check Stop and Shop

Do you wish to check your work schedule? Go back to Stop and Shop Associate Connect. Click on the Access your Schedule link. The link is under the MY Schedule Manager heading. The option will give you access to your work schedule and employment timecard. The employee schedules are always available at 5 pm every Thursday.

My Schedule Manager

  • Visit ssneac.com
  • Click on the Access your schedule link
  • Log into Kronos by clicking the My Schedule Manager button
  • Enter your User ID and password
  • Click on the Sign-in button
  • Click on My Reports in the My Information section
  • Click on Schedule to select it. Use the menu to click a time period
  • Click on View Report
  • The Schedule screen displays for the selected time period
  • Click Return to go back to the Return Menu
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Password Assistance Feature

Do you need assistance with your password? Perhaps you need to retrieve it? Whatever the problem is, don’t worry. The link will provide you Customer Service phone number or a separate web portal for help.

  • On the login page, click on the User ID and Password Assistance link
  • If your account is locked or you want to retrieve your ID/Password
  • Select the Division or company you work to link
  • You will get a web link or toll-free phone number to call for help

Association Discount

The associate Discount section of Stop and Shop Connect is making offers. The offers are for employees who have received discounts. Employees can receive both local and national discounts. This is just because they are employees of Stop and Shop. Employees can log in to view the offers that are available.

  • From ssneac.com, click on the Associate Discount link
  • Enter your User ID AND Password
  • Click on the sign button

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