World Remit Login, Review, App and Promo Code | Make Payment Online

The World Remit mobile app is the simple interface software that runs on devices such as iPhone or Android devices, which allows users to make money transfer anywhere and anytime.

Not minding the distance, with this app, you can send money to your family and friends which goes a long way of reducing the stress of queuing in public offices.World Remit

To help people cast their trust on this mobile transfer app, it has been approved by FCA. This app has amazing features that we will look into as we step further in this article. Hang on for more details.

World Remit Review | Key Features of World Remit App

  • Money transfer is instant
  • It offers affordable fees and guaranteed the exchange rate.
  • You can track your transactions so as to know your transfer update.
  • Offers you with the minimum country limit of about 150 on which you can make the transfer.
  • Offers you with a free fee on your first money transfer.
  • There are several means to which you can make money transfer which is; bank deposit, cash pickup, mobile money, and airtime top-up.
  • You can get this app for free when you download through Google play store.
  • You will be informed daily on your exchange rate on your mobile phone.
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How to Download the App

Like I said earlier that you can get this app for free, now you can get the app through your “app store” or “Google Play” right in your mobile device.  Just move on to your play store and key in the name “remit app” and get the app installed.

Mediums for Transfer Payment

  • Bank transfer
  • Android play
  • Apple play
  • ACH
  • Poli
  • Credit, Debit and prepared card, etc.

Methods of World Remit Mobile App Transfer

Concerning app money transfer, the ability of your transactions to get the recipient is determined by the service used in making the transfer alongside with the location you are sending the money to. Now you will see below, the means of mobile app money transfer and its time range.

  • Bank transfer service – you pay up to 50% in 10 minutes.
  • Airtime Top-up system – every transfer/transaction made on this service are usually made instant.
  • Mobile Money transfer – over 85% of transaction made are paid within 10 minutes or even less.
  • Cash pickup – making use of this medium gives you 70% make money transfer paid to the recipient within 24hours.
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Note: making use of the world mobile app requires that you must be a customer and most importantly, you must have a mobile Smartphone (Android or iPhone).

Could you have encountered challenges making use of this app? Then you need to visit the customer care service for help. You are advised to check if your app version is outdated for an update whenever you experience difficulties. Then you need to shut down and restart it again. If then it still persists, you can call an Agent at +442071485800.


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