What to do with Unauthorized Charges Made on Credit Card

Unauthorized Charges Made on Your Credit Card refers to any charge made on the credit card that you did not authorize or permit yourself. Taking note of unauthorized charges made on your credit card exempts you from paying for those charges.

Early Detection of Unauthorized Charges Made on Your Credit Card.

Detecting strange charges early online regardless of how large or small each of the transactions on the credit card is the best way to handle such issues. So instead of waiting for the bank billing statement to come before you check all your transactions, you can detect every unauthorized charge faster this way by tracking your online transactions throughout the month.

Causes of Funny Charges by Credit Card

  • These charges can be caused by different factors. Often;
  • It can occur as a result of credit card theft – stolen credit card or stolen credit card number and information.
  • these Charges can also be caused by a dialing error or computer failure.

Avoid ignoring unauthorized credit card charges for a few months, as many cardholders do not fully verify their credit card statements. Early info of these charges is crucial when trying to correct strange charges done on a credit card.

If you do not detect these charges early enough you become held for the payments of such charges. According to the Fair Credit Billing Law, unknown charges and other credit card issuers must be notified within 60 days of receiving the statement containing the credit card billing error.

Report Every Unauthorized Charge Charges Made on Credit Card

When you notice unauthorized charges made on your credit card, call your credit card provider using the number behind your credit card. If you do not have a credit card and have not made a copy of the provider’s phone number, use the latest card billing statement or their website to find the right number.

Never give details to the person who called or sent you e-mails as your card provider’s representative. Scammers also use this method to access your personal details or credit cards. They do this to gain access to the three-digit security code on the back of your credit card or payment code.

Always use the correct credit card issuer number gotten from the credit card, the billing statement, or the credit card’s website. After entering the correct credit card issuer’s number, call to notify them of the unauthorized credit card charges.

They will simply cancel the credit card account that has been compromised and then issues you a new credit card with a new account number. You can also contact the credit card issuer with a dispute letter clearly explains the unauthorized charges made on the credit cards. Unauthorized Charges Made on Your Credit Card Some credit card issuers can instruct you to resolve funny repayments the merchants first by reviewing your credit card statements. Be Wise because scammers can sometimes appear to be merchants.

Protect Your Rights

Under the law, you may be blamed for strange charges of up to $ 50 before you can report the strange charges. But many credit card companies do not have the zero fraud liability policies that exempt you from strange charges made on your credit card. Understand that the Fair Credit Billing Act says you are free from every funny charge made on your card once the card is in your custody.

That means if the charges were made with your credit card information, not with the card then you are free from such charges. To report the issue and the credit card provider ought to remove the charges from your credit card account. You cannot be charged for it.


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