Capital One Spark Small Business Credit Cards

Are you a small business owner who needs credit? Have you tried a lot of sources to no avail? Why not try the Capital One Spark Small Business Credit Cards? It has about 6 types of cards for all credit categories. These sets of cards are the best for small business owners since they are mostly rewards cards and as well demand a lot of fees as many credit cards do.Capital One Spark Small Business

Business owners can save a lot on their purchases and won`t have to spend much on annual fees, purchases APR, Foreign transaction fees, balance transfer fees, and so on.

The only requirement that will qualify you for any of these cards is your credit score. Once your credit score is excellent or very good you can thoroughly review the Spark Card Catalog and choose the most suitable card for you. If you do not have a good credit score, don`t even bother to apply for the card at all, you will not be approved.

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You may ask, why should I go for any of these cards? It is important because many of the cards here give you a very interesting APR depending on your credit score. Many cards in other categories have very exorbitant APRs that cardholders find it very difficult to pay. The majority of the cards too do not have an annual fee for the first year, they waive the fees while the subsequent years the cardholders pay $59. You can save this annual fee for the first year in your business.

Moreover, Spark Cards give customers Fraud Alerts. This is a way of notifying the cardholder of a potentially fraudulent transaction with his or her card. From here, the cardholder will take immediate action to prevent the fraudulent transaction or block the card. Many Credit card companies do hot give fraud alerts in their cards.  Interestingly, as a Cardholder of Spark Credit card, you can access your credit card account online and as well use the platform to pay bills and make other transactions of your choice. You can as well monitor how much of your credit is remaining, your credit limit, payment due date, you can review up to 13 months of account history, get your billing statement, and so on.


Other features of the Capital One Spark Small Business Credit Cards include the followings:

  1. Spark classic for business gives 1% cash back on purchases, 22.9% variable APR, and no annual fees.
  2. Spark Cash for Business offers 2% cash back on purchases, 0% intro annual fee for the first year, 13.9-20.95 variable APR, and $59 annual fee subsequently.
  3. The Spark Cash Select for Business has no annual fee, 1.5% cashback on purchases, and 12-20% variable APR.
  4. Spark Select for Business gives one mile per dollar on purchases and 0% annual fee.
  5. The Spark Miles Select for Business offers 1.5 miles per dollar on purchases, no annual fee, and 12.9%- 20% variable APR.
  6. Spark Miles for Business gives 2 miles per dollar on purchases, 13.9-20.9% variable APR, no annual fee for the first year, and $59 annual fee subsequently.

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