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TDVisa Cards

TD Bank has two cards that very much look alike. one pays a cash rebate, and the other in points. The point card pays a much smaller reward than the cashback version. TD Rewards Visa Cards are actually designed for people who are seeking for a reward card.TD Visa Cards

The benefits of usingTD credit cards

The benefits of TD credit card include the following:

Earn rewards for daily expenses.

You can earn rewards without an annual fee.

The sign-up bonus requirement is easy to meet It is easy to meet

During the first six months, you can win double rewards

It has a low-interest rate

This card has no annual fee

There is a security technology chip.

It has a  24 hours service a day.

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You will have zero fraud liability


Annual interest rate

For the card to be attractive, TD Bank offers new cardholders interest in the amount of 0% in the first six months. The rates are reasonable after the initial period and amount to 11.24 percent, 16.24 percent or 21.24 percent, depending on your creditworthiness. There is also a late fee of $39. To transfer from another account, you can make a hip transfer fee, although you will have to pay TD 3% of the total hip transfer.

Cash reward points.

These TD Bank cards reward you with points rather than outdated money, i.e. the actual point value is often unclear. Usually, this is the reason: points are often not worth as much as cash. While the TD Visa Cash Rewards card pays 1% cash discount (2% on daily purchases in the first six months), the Easy Rewards Visa card pays you points, one point for each dollar spent. Although it sounds the same, it is not.

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Example ofredeemable points

Visit the TD online website and have the opportunity to select gift cards for merchants. For instance, the $25 Amazon card costs 4,500 points. This leads to a reduction of 0.55 percent, just over half a percent. A gift card worth $50 costs 6000 points or 0.83%. Although it is better, it is still much lower than the percentage. Other gift cards have the same value, 0.55% or 0.83%.


Be very careful when it comes to credit cards that pay points instead of cash, make sure you read the print out information to find out how much points are worth. Normally, points are not worth as much as cash. If your credit card issuer has difficulty finding information, do not hesitate to look for another card.

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