Small credit Reporting agencies

Throughout the country, Most consumers know three major credit agencies namely: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. There are several small credit agencies that collect and sell various types of consumer information for companies that need to decide on your application.

These smaller credit reporting agencies are subject to the Act on reliable credit reporting, which means that you have the right to a detailed credit report. You can question any inaccurate information in the reporting agency to correct or eliminate them.  Annually the law grants a free credit report which also applies to these small credit bureaus. The only difference is that you must contact the agency directly by phone or via the website to request a free copy of your credit information.

ChexSystems | Small credit Reporting agencies

ChexSystems collects and reports data regarding account verification, opening, closing and reasons for closing bank accounts. If you do not have a current account, which goes to a debt collection agency, bank information is not included in any traditional credit report. ChexSystems is like a credit agency to verify your account. Negative information in the ChexSystems report may make it difficult to open a new verification account.

Periodically go through your ChexSystems report to ensure that there are no false informations that prevents you from opening a new bank account. Get the ChexSystems annual report

Small credit Reporting agencies

Certegy Check Services | Small credit Reporting agencies

Their services are to maintains a checkout history to help companies decide to accept checks from consumers. It collects cabling history verification and provides verification services for retailers who accept checks. Companies use Certegy to reduce the risk of fraud. Your verification report from Certegy contains only the record of checks that you have written to companies that use your services.


They are often called the fourth credit bureau cos they collect similar information from three major credit bureaus. Innovis also provides identity verification data to help detect and prevent fraud. Many companies use Innovis to pre-verify potential customers. Innovis also collects many non-traditional credit information, such as rental fees, magazine subscriptions and utility bills. You can request an Innovis credit report by post, phone, online or in person.

Clarity Services

They are currently owned by Experian, they collect and provides information on many loan transactions that are not included in the traditional credit bureaus of major credit division. Clarity Service focuses on high-risk loans, including payment credits, interest-bearing loans, car loans, check-in, and rental services. Experian uses data collected by Clarity Services to generate its early and clear risk assessment to help lenders assess consumers

CoreLogic Teletrack

This is another small credit agency. They report on different types of high loan products including payday loans, rent-to-own business, furniture stores, auto finance, and debt buyers. They don’t necessarily report to the three major credit division so your accounts won’t reflect on your credit report. They rather review your Teletrack credit report to know whether to give you a loan or not. To get a copy of Teletrack credit report you can simply by print and mail a copy of the request form.

CoreLogic Credco

Credco provides joined credit files to major lenders like mortgage and auto loan lenders. The file includes your information from all three credit divisions in a single file. Credco also collects personal data like property ownership, loan obligations, legal property filings, rental applications and collection accounts, consumer bankruptcy, liens, judgments, and child support obligations to give more insight into your financial pieces of information.