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Securitas Epay: Before now security of lives and properties were entrusted into the hands of law agencies. But as days went by, crime and criminals spread out of the area of the agencies. It touched every facet of the society with it hydra-headed lurk. It moved in a cancerous swift, as units were instituted to nib it and as such many brands sprung up.

Just as crime grew, tech devices were built to put a check, if not halt it. Financial houses built encryption to secure their server from being hacked, alongside to leverage the tech to beat time, distance, convenience and economy.

Securitas is a Swedish Security Company founded to perform security guarding, mobile patrolling, security monitoring, consulting and investigation. Securitas AB is a big umbrella of security, with its attendant offers like CCTV, personnel tracking devices, security alarms, inter alia. There is another sidekick gifted items partnering with Securitas. Allow us to worry about your safety.

On the other hand is the Securitas ePay, a click takes you closer to your financial houses beating distance and giving you the room to access your account, manage salary transfers, payroll details. When you think about solving a problem in your financial houses think Securitas ePay. It offers to employees the choice to decide on how they want to be paid, viz. direct deposit, pay card or visa payroll card. The guarantee of an instant tab on an account is not just the advantage; it covers the general life of the employee.

From the comfort of your homes, you can run a check on all activities on your account. It’s an online platform. This service company is best at what it does; security. Complete your login now with the steps below;

How To Access Securitas EPay Login

1) Go to official website and click on Login.

2) Log into your account:

  • Type your social security number.
  • Type your default PIN which is your date of birth (MMDDYY).
  • Change your PIN when prompted- it must be 8 to 6 digits in length and contain only numbers

3) Select an option:

  • Pay-stub Review
  • Income verification
  • Personal data

You can access this service through your phone:

1) Call: 866-604-3729

2) Log into your account:

  • Enter your social security number
  • Enter your default pin default is your date of birth (MMDDYY)
  • Change your PIN when prompted- it must be 8 to 6 digits in length and contain only numbers.

3) Select an option:

  • To review your pay stub or receive a fax copy press 1.
  •  check the status of a fax request press 4.
  • To end the call press “*”.
  • To speak to a client representative press 0

Refusing to take a break, Securitas is always on the lookout to satisfy their customers. With a boundary-less brand, it is also an emergency line that reels quick feedbacks. Its offerings are unpinned.

Securitas has sworn to feature in the future as it opens an academy that breeds experts, which they even brought to the online domain.

Click on and enjoy the bouquet of our services.

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