Rocket Mortgage Quicken Loans – Get Approved For a Loan in 8 Minutes

Are you looking for a home loan or need refinancing? Why not try Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans? With Rocket Mortgage you can logon to the website through your computer, smartphone or tablet and answer some questions to get approved for a loan within 8 minutes. This is a perfect deal for real estate agents and homebuyers.

Rocket Mortgage

Also, this Rocket Mortgage program helps to simplify the home loan process using technology while speeding up the process and making it easier. This makes the home buyer to be more in control of the whole process. With this smart system (Rocket Mortgage), many hundred thousand calculations are done within seconds thereby giving home buyers a lot of loan options. Moreover, users will have access to a lot of term options to choose from and know their interest rates as well as monthly payments.

To get a great deal on your home loan

Go to  From the website, choose to either refinance your current loan or purchase a home. Then click on the Get Started button. Create an account with Quicken Loans and proceed with the application process. Supply your personal details they will demand including your salary, employment status, annual and monthly income, etc.

Your approval for a loan is dependent on your financial details as well as your credit history and score. They will ask you some additional questions before granting you an approval for a loan.  However, if your credit history is excellent. And you have a stable income, you will get approved for the loan within 8 minutes.

If you meet the above requirements and you really need a home loan or to refinance the one you have. Go to the above website to apply and enjoy their services.

However, it is very important to carefully review their loan terms and conditions. Be sure that you can cope with the loan amount, interest rate as well as repayment process. It is not what you can do; simply back off than taking a loan that you will have a very hard time paying back. Do not forget that a loan is a debt that you must payback. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions, leave it and save monthly to buy the kind of house you desire instead of taking a debt that will bring you pains in the future.

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