Best Personal Loans – find the best loan rates and lenders to fit your needs

Best Personal Loans - find the best loan rates and lenders to fit your needs

Best Personal Loans

We have sets of personal loan opportunities, making it easy to find the best loan rates and lenders to fit your needs. Now you are going to compare the loans based on their rates.

Seeking a loan should have a need for why you choose to borrow money which may be for you to settle the debt or solve an expensive home project. A loan can be the best option to solve this need but where can I borrow personal loans? Read on for more reviews on the Best personal loans.

Ensure to research little by comparing the loan options in advance before you sign on the dotted lines of the loan agreement paper!

Best Personal Loans - find the best loan rates and lenders to fit your needs

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The above instruction is important so that you can see if you qualify before you can begin filling out an official loan application to save you money and protect your credit from unnecessary hard inquiries. Below is a list of best personal loan options nationwide and the good thing about them is there do not charge a prepayment penalty.


This SoFi happens to be the best overall personal loan opportunity according to our thorough research and analysis. Also, SoFi is a personal loan with a good interest rate and wonderful benefits such as “to temporarily pause your payments if an emergency like losing your job comes up.”  Talking about a good interest rate, it simply has an interest rate as low as 5.99% with autopay. Moreover, it open to borrowers who may receive up to $100,000 funding are qualified.


  • Firstly, this personal loan opportunity offers low-interest rates available for well-qualified borrowers.
  • Secondly, special benefits such as unemployment protection in case you lose your job.
  • Lastly, as long as you are a sufficient income earner and good credit score, you can borrow a high amount of loans.


  • Borrowers with average credit are limited to better interest rates, in order words; it is preferably perfect for excellent credit borrowers.
  • The funding is often delayed and takes days, unlike other lenders does.
  • You should be able to qualify with Good credit to be able to qualify for SoFi.
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Terms and conditions

Minimum/maximum amount you can borrow: the minimum amount ranges from $5,000 to maximum of $100,000

APR range: 5.99%–17.53% (remember, it is with Autopay discount)

Fee charges: there is no fee charged.

The recommended minimum score for credit: From 680 and higher is recommended

Repayment terms: E.g. two- to seven-year repayment options

Age Qualifications: you must be up to 18 or older for this to be approved and as a Citizen of the U.S as well. These criteria should be attained and is currently available in every state except Mississippi.

Other qualification requirements: Prepare the following details ready: credit history, income, employment, and other factors when reviewing your loan application.

Marcus by Goldman Sachs

This loan offer is best suitable for debt consolidation because it has a long-lasting repayment scheme of about 72 months. With excellent credit, you should be able to qualify for an interest rate as low as 6.99% with no fees attached to it. That is excellent. You are advantaged at getting up to a $40, 000 loan amount if you are qualified. This is benefiting with excellent credit for a lower rate.


  • You are advantaged at getting a longer repayment scheme for a considerable month length (72).
  • There is no fee charged by the lenders.
  • You are left to customize your payment due date as it will work better you’re your budget.


  • As a long-lasting repayment loan, it takes up with higher rates and this applies to other loans that are with longer repayment scheme.
  • It supports a good credit score to qualify.
  • There is no cosigner accepted

 Terms and conditions

Minimum/maximum amount you can borrow: $3,500 to $40,000

APR range: the APR’s range is 6.99%–19.99%

Fees charges: there are no fee charges including late fees.

The recommended Minimum score for credit:the minimum credit score is for Marcus by Sachs is 660.

Repayment terms: at least 36 to 72 months are allocated for repayment terms and there are good.

Time to receive funds: takes about one to four business days to receive your fund once it is approved.

Restrictions: It does not allow you to use a personal loan from Marcus to refinance a student loan. Not at all! Another, you’ll need to be 18 or older (in most states).

Other qualification requirements:  other requirements are as follows: valid bank account and Social Security or Individual Tax I.D. Number to apply


The LightStream is said to be an online division of Sun Trust Bank. However, it offers as low-interest rates of 4.99% to good credit borrowers. It extends its loan amount to qualified borrowers for up to $100,000.  Looking at the interest rate and maximum loan amount, LightStream is greatly profitable for applicants with good and solid credit ratings.

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  • Offers as lows as 4.99% rates depending on the purpose of the loan.
  • It offers $100 for Experience Guarantee


  • It is a bit difficult to qualify without good and excellent credits
  • Admits only online applications as there is no physical application processing.

Terms and conditions

Minimum/maximum amount you can borrow:Minimum of $5,000 and maximum of $100,000.

APR range: 4.99%–19.99%* (with Autopay discount)

Fees charges: there are no charges of any kind.

The recommended Minimum score for credit:  680

Repayment terms: it offers a minimum of 24 months of repayment and a maximum of 144 months.

Time to receive funds: As soon as the application was approved, you will be able to access your funds as soon on the same day.

Restrictions:  You are not allowed to use a personal loan from LightStream to pay off for college, refinance a student loan, or fund a business.

Other qualification requirements:  credit history of about seven years, a good mixture of account types such as credit cards and installment loans of which should be of few with late payments. Also, prove stable, adequate income to repay a new loan and evidence of savings.


Upstart is an online lending platform managed by a group of former Google employees. However, this platform makes use of artificial intelligence to consider alternative data; a chance of qualifying for a loan is high even with credit immeasurable to standard or excellent. However, this platform is favorable for borrowers with a fair credit rating.

This platform seems to have approved about 27% of more loans from late 2017, with a low rate of 7% and a maximum loan amount of $50,000


  • No penalty charge when you pay off your loan early.
  • It is a platform of alternative data considered when you apply and not just credit score.
  • It does not add much pressure as it is using a soft credit pull to get your initial rate.


  • It has a high APR of99%
  • Its initial fee can vary as high as 8%
  • It accepts online applications only.

Terms and conditions

Minimum/maximum amount you can borrow: $1,000 to $50,000

APR range: Interest rates range from 7.00% to 35.99%, which is based on credit, income, and other information considered in your loan application. Specifications as a job, your education can offer you a better rate.

Fees charges: original fees can cost up to 8% of your loan amount. Late fees can be penalized for either $15 or 5% of the past due amount. Returned check fees cost for $15. Switching from paperless monthly statements to mailed copies will require a charge of $10.

The recommended minimum score for credit:  supports 620 FICO or Vantage Score

Repayment terms support Three- to five-year payment terms offered.

Time to receive funds: once the application is proceeding, you can receive funds the next day agreeing to the terms and conditions.

Restrictions: it limits Residents of Iowa and West Virginia from becoming eligible for the Upstart personal loans.

Other qualification requirements: you should be free from bankruptcy, have a public record, or currently past-due account on your credit report. A debt-to-income ratio will also be required also.  You shouldn’t have more than five inquiries on your credit report in the past six months apart from multiple student loans, auto loan, or mortgage inquiries.

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With flat credit or credit challenges, you can apply for a personal loan from Avant as the best solution to the condition. However, it offers up to a $35, 000 loan amount with a low-interest rate as low as 9.95%.  Of course, this low rate is lower than the starting point for many other personal loans for bad credit


  • Compensative interest rates compared to other personal loans  for bad credit
  • offers Fast access to funds


  • Interest rates may be high when you compare it with the APR you might receive elsewhere with better credit.
  • Low maximum loan amount compared to other personal loan providers.
  • Charges an administrative fee.

Terms and conditions

  • Firstly, APR range: 95%–35.99%
  • Secondly, minimum/maximum amount you can borrow: $2,000 to $35,000
  • Fees: an administration fee of up to 4.75%, which is deducted directly from your loan amount, including late fees when your payment becomes past due.
  • The recommended Minimum score for credit: 600–700
  • Repayment terms: Loan repayment ranges is 24 to 60 months.
  • Time to receive funds:a business day after your application was successful.
  • Other qualification requirements: What are your reasons for the loan and income rate review?

How to Apply for a Personal Loan

  • Firstly, check your credit reports and scores.Check for your credit report review of three reports from EquifaxTransUnion, and Experian. Resolve any errors you find with the credit reporting agencies. This implies you know the conditions of the loan lenders concerning your credit, thereby making it easier for you to know the lenders more likely to approve your loan.
  • Secondly, shop for the best deal.Properly review the rates, fees, and terms from several lenders before you apply for your preferred personal loan. This gives an edge to know if you are pre-approved by multiple lenders that only require soft inquiry. When you have gotten what you want, you may be able to put out the lenders with hard credit inquiries.
  • Finally, submit your application.Since you have chosen the loan service you want, it is time to apply. From hard credit inquiry, submitting an official application will be concluded depending on the lender which means you may be providing extra documents like ID and verification of income and employment