Lakeview Loan Servicing – Pay Your Mortgage Online

Lakeview Loan Servicing is a popular and the fourth largest mortgage loan service in the country. The company help over 1.4 million customers yearly to manage the investment they’ve made in their homes.Lakeview Loan Servicing – Pay Your Mortgage Online

However, the loan financing platform is here to give you all the support you need. Thus, they’re ever ready answer your questions and make sure you receive a top notch customer service experience.

Lakeview Loan Servicing gives customers access to their montage info to enable them pay their bills. Read the summary of the lakeview Loan Servicing features and benefits.


Lakeview Loan Servicing- My Loan Care Benefits and Features

It offers hitch-free and quick access to customers

Customers can schedule payments

Customers gets to review and update their loan info.

You can schedule auto monthly payment drafts from your checking or savings account, for free.

To access your loan info, here are steps to take


How To Access Your Loan Info

Information about your loan is very much available online, with the procedure below, you’re good to go

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Don’t have an account yet? Do the following

  • Go to
  • Tap on the “Create Account” tab at the top
  • Type in the following, your loan number, User ID, name and social security number
  • Create password
  • Fill in your email address
  • Then, select the continue button

After completing the registration process, you can now login to view your loan info, anytime any day.


Lakeview Loan Servicing Login

To access your account, launch your browser and do the following

  • Visit
  • Find the Sign in link and click on it.
  • The sign in Form should appear on your screen.
  • Next, type in your User ID and password ( the one you created during account registration.
  • You will see the Sign in tab under, kindly click on it.

Trouble Signing In

If you were unable to sign in to your account, maybe the password or User ID is incorrect.  To rectify the problem, just on the sign in page, tap on  “Need help signing” button.

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However, you will see 3 options to recover your account such as;

Forgot password, Unlock account and forgot User ID.


My Loan Care Mobile App

Get the mobile app from the google play store or Apple app store. Search for the app, using the search engine, on the result page, click on the app and then proceed to install.

The mobile app  you can also access your loan info, including transfer info.

How do I access my loan transfer info?

Accessing Loan Transfer Info

If you geta servicing transfer message on your mail, the notice should come with a fresh account number with other info.

So If your Mortgage is transferred to

On the home-screen, scroll to the “Help Center” button and hover on it.

From the pop up list, choose the “ service transfer” button

Tap on “find your new account number” tab

Key in your previous loan number

Then, input the last four number of your SSN

Click on the continue button.


Customer Service

Contact the customer service representative for more info or query

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Toll Free: 1-855-294-8564

From Monday – Friday 9am to 8pm ET


Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC

4425 Ponce de Leon Blvd, MS 5-251

Coral Gables, FL 33146


About Lakeview Loan Servicing

Lakeview work with several Servicing partners to process payments, manage the escrow, and provide customer service for your existing mortgage.

However, their in-house team of mortgage loan experts centers more on assisting their customers with new home financing.

So, if you want to buy a new home, or want to explore restructuring your current financing, the company is here to help.

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