Nova Launcher | Features of Nova Launcher | How to Download Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is a modified home screen app for android phones. This will help ease your view with beautiful features and graphics. This is one of the outstanding launchers that has reliable features, thereby making your experience fun. So if you make use of an android phone, making use of this launcher app will really make your view fun.Nova Launcher

This launcher is designed to make your experience fun such that its amazing features tend to create a friendly user interface and also increase the speed of the device. To get this app, you need to get to the store and install the app.

Features of Nova Launcher

This is just what makes Nova launcher different from other launchers.

  • It provides the current version for your devices even while you are still using the older version. It just keeps on upgrading by itself.
  • The app has a customizable drawer which means that you can change it to one of your choices. So you get to personalize your scrolling effect all by yourself.
  • You can also customize the icon theme. This works with lots of play store icon theme. So, therefore, you can select the theme you want.
  • Come to talk of speed. This launcher is designed in a way that it can help boost the speed of your phone.
  • You can still backup your apps with this launcher with the confidence of having your content back while you switch to other devices.
  • There is also a feature for Subgrid positioning.
  • Most importantly is the dark mode. This launcher allows you to turn on dark mode at any time you want. This is likely good for eye care.

How to Download Nova Launcher

This is quite easy to do. All it requires is just a few steps on your play store and then get it installed. On that note, take the below steps to the launcher installed on your phone.

  • Launch into your play store icon
  • Click to the search bar so that you can input your search item over there.
  • Type in “Nova Launcher” and allow it to fetch results.
  • Move to the app and click on it and allow it to bring out the download page.
  • Hit on the install button to get the app installed on your device.
  • Afterward, you can now click on it to launch it for the first time.

If you want to set it as a default launcher then you should read on for more details.

How to Set Nova Launcher as Default Launcher

If you are using Android 7.0 and above, just locate to the icon of the app, click on the app and move to settings tab at the top of the home screen. Click on “Home app” and then select from the list “Nova Launcher”.

For Android 4.4-6.0, do to setting menu and locate home sub-menu and then click on advanced and then select “Nova Launcher”.


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