New Facebook Algorithm 2020 – How it Works

What is Facebook algorithm?

Facebook algorithm is the process in which Facebook uses to rank all available posts that can be displayed on its users’ news feed.Facebook algorithm is the process in which Facebook uses to rank all available posts that can be displayed on its users' news feed. Facebook has the largest

Facebook has the largest number of active users when compared to other social media. Most popular brands have leverage on this to drive traffic and sales from Facebook. As a result of this, Facebook users are always bombarded with different ads coming from different brand pages.

Furthermore, according to the Facebook CEO public content post from businesses, brands and media have crowded out the personal moments that users share with their family and friends. Since there is more public content than the post from friends and family. There is a need to put a balance to what users see on their news feed.

In January 2018 Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg came up with new actions to curb business activities on Facebook and also to monitor the amount of content that is displayed on the users’ news feed.

However, the recent change in the Facebook algorithm doesn’t mean a death sentence for brands. It means that for brands to survive with the new Facebook algorithm 2020 there needs to be an effort to ensure that your content gets displayed. In this article, I will take a look at the  New Facebook Algorithm 2018 and how it affects your brand.

How the New Facebook Algorithm 2020 Works.

Lets us see how the new Facebook algorithm 2018 works. The clues that will be provided is based on the official press release from Facebook.

The News Feed:

The Facebook feed is based on four basic structures:

  • Signals: this is the list of criteria that Facebook uses to determine which content is displayed on the user’s news feed. Here is a list of the clue that I feel are used by Facebook

Comments and likes on a user’s status and photos

Your Engagement with content published by friends

Shares on messenger

Your replies to comments on a video

Who posted the content

When was it posted

What time

  • Inventory: this is how Facebook sees all your content on Facebook starting from your post, your friends and pages you like.
  • Predictions: Here Facebook makes assumptions with the info you have provided on your profile and your previous behavior. With the data they have gotten from you they try to make sure that content that is being displayed on your timeline are things that you will like and engage with.
  • Score: This is the value attached to a piece of content to determine how valuable it will be to the user. In addition, this means that content may have a different score for two different individuals

How Does The New Facebook Algorithm 2020 Affect Brands?

When considering these changes, one may think that this new algorithm makes it very hard for a post from pages to survivors. But if you give it a second thought you will see that post from pages will definitely bloom with a good strategy. if not most of your posts will just be pushed off with just little followers having to see it. Here are ways you can get your content displayed.

  • The best easiest way is to pay Facebook some money to promote your ads. With this, be rest assured that your post will be seen by the right targeted audience. In contrast, you have to be aware that this will definitely cost your small cash but they are ways to increase your post without having to deep hand into your pocket.
  • Get People Talking: always post what that will get people talking. When people start having a conversation on your page it will get more recognition by Facebook. Therefore, always put outpost that engages people into a conversation. You can achieve this by putting outposts with video content. Videos are visual and will always engage people to get them talking or commenting on the video. Also, you can try something unique and interesting like telling a story. This will help in sparking out more conversation.
  • Create a Facebook Group:  create a Facebook group where people can discuss issues related to your product. This will help in boosting your page on Facebook. Many companies have done this and it really paid off. You can even join a few different groups that will discuss topics related to what you do.
  • Stop using “Engagement Bait”: Bait I posted that will request that you tag a friend, comment or like the post. It might have a character from a  movie and will ask you to tag a friend that looks like that or it will bring up a popular brand of music and will ask you to type “yes” if you love that brand of music. This definitely will encourage a lot of serious conversation on your page but the new face algorithm is against this. And will likely reduce the weight of your page. Facebook wants brands to create creative content that will naturally drive discussions.
  • Always encourage your teammates or employees to share your content on their timeline. Since Facebook has placed much importance to post from friends and family over the post from businesses. For you to get your content displayed you have to always encourage people who work with you to share your content.
  • Avoid Too many External Links: avoid using linking off-site on your post. Facebook value every minute that users spend on their platform. Therefore if you are putting up a post that will always take people away from Facebook may affect your page.
  • Target a Niche Audience: always narrow down your target audience by their interest and geographical location. These will help to increase your engagement.
  • Time your Post: when is the best time to post your content and your target audience will be able to see the post. The brand should consider the best time that the audience is active online. The timing you post is very important since facebook value post that receives engagement.

New Facebook Algorithm

It means that for brands to survive with the new Facebook algorithm 2018 there needs to be an effort to ensure that your content gets displayed.


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