Safari is the standard web browser for macOS. Apple’s BROWSING HISTORY IN SAFARI web browser keeps a log of your search history and websites visited. Managing  BROWSING HISTORY IN SAFARI on a Mac is done by:MANAGING YOUR BROWSING HISTORY IN SAFARI

  1. Firstly, Select History in the menu bar
  2. Secondly, A drop-down menu with recently visited web pages comes up. You can either select any of the websites to load the respective page or select one of the previous days at the bottom of the menu to see more options.
  3. Thirdly, Choose Clear History at the bottom of the History drop-down menu to clear Safari browsing history, cookies, and other locally stored sites.
  4. Select the period you intend to clear from the drop-down menu. Available options are The last hour, Today, Today and Yesterday, and All History
  5. Lastly, Select Clear History.

Deleting history on Safari also deletes history on other Apple mobile devices if such devices are synced with Safari data via iCloud.

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Using Private Browsing in Safari

Clear your browsing history in Safari on Mac – Apple Support › guide › safari › mac

In the Safari app on your Mac, choose History > Clear History, then click the pop-up menu. · Choose how far back you want your browsing history cleared

How to Manage Your Browsing History in Safari – Lifewire › Browsers › Safari

Tap the Safari app to open it. · Tap the History icon at the top of the screen that opens. Scroll through the screen for a website to open.

Managing Your Browsing History in Safari for the iPhone › Browsers › Safari

Here’s how to clear your Safari browsing history on your iPhone for privacy purposes, using either the Safari app or the Settings app.

How to clear browsing history on Safari on iPhone or Mac › articles › how-to-clear-search-hi…

In Safari, press Command-Y · From the long list, click once on a history item to select it · Right-click to bring up a menu, then choose Delete.

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To go private browsing on Safari, you can do the following:

  1. Go to File
  2. Select New Private Window

For Windows devices, select the Settings gear, then choose Private Browsing from the drop-down menu.

One can also use the keyboard shortcut alternatively, pressing Shift + Command +N can be used to open the private window.

The private window has a tinted dark gray address bar, and the browsing history for all tabs here remains private. On closing the window, Safari won’t remember your search history, web pages visited, or any autofill information.

Managing History in Safari on IOS Devices

To manage the Safari’s browsing history on an IOS device:

  1. Tap the Safari browsing app to open it
  2. Tap the Bookmarks icon at the bottom of the screen
  3. At the top of the screen that opens, tap the History icon. The icon looks like a clock face
  4. Move or scroll through the screen and tap on any website page you want to open
  5. Tap Clear at the bottom of the History screen to clear the browsing history. You can choose either of these: The last hour, Today, Today and Yesterday or All time
  6. To exit the screen and return to the browser page, tap Done.
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The Safari app is part of the IOS system used in Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod Torch. To remove only individual sites from Safari history, You can swipe left on the entry with your finger. Then tap Delete.

Using Private Browsing on IOS devices prevents your Safari search history and web data from being saved. This can be done simply by:

  1. Go to Safari: press and hold the tab icon
  2. Tap New Private Tab

To turn off private browsing, tap the tabs icon and tap Private.

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