Fyuse – allows your smartphone to capture 3D images as you love

Here comes another amazing photo app, this one was created by Fyusion Inc. and it’s called Fyuse (pronounced “fuse”). Mobile photography consists of these elements: image-maker, image editor, and image sharing. Again these elements must be available in order for success in the mobile photography world. And Fyuse has a simple combination of these elements.

Fyuse is a spatial photography app that allows anyone with a smartphone to capture 3D images. These images, called “fyuses”, are engaged by tilting your phone or by swiping your screen. Fyuse captures space, not time, and allows you to view moments from different angles, at your own pace. It’s easy to share your images directly through the Fyuse app or through other social platforms, websites, emails, and texts. Fyuse is available as a free download on iOS and Android.

To use Fyuse, you capture an image by panning your phone around your subject. It definitely brings you closer to the reality of the subject more than a picture but still is pretty different than a video. It is more like a GIF.  That’s what Fyuse calls, “spatial photography”.


Getting Started

Once you initially open the app, you have to choose which social networks you would like to connect with. The app will then ask you to sign up within the app’s community. Once connected, you will also get to choose which mutual friends to follow. After that, the Fyuse community is your world. You get to see the featured images, and then get to access all the app’s features.

Creating Fyuses

Making the Fyuse is relatively easy. It gestures like any other photo-taking – point and shoot – then with the addition of panning around your subject (think of how you create a panoramic image – same concept). Open up the app and the camera within, point it at your subject, press and hold the shutter, then pan. Once you have completed this, you can then hit next, view your Fyuse, keep or delete it. Hit Next and then you will get to the filters feature screen. Here is where you have 12 filters you can use for your capture. You can also make basic edits to your capture along with cropping as you see fit. Once you hit next, you move to another screen where you can add text, stickers, and symbols.

When shooting with Fyuse, you should only shoot horizontally and vertically.  Again think of how you shoot a panoramic image. You can shoot in both landscapes and in portrait mode as both work fine for the app. Another cool feature (before Snapchat) is the shoot and edit later component. You can shoot all day and then come back to your creations and edit as you see fit, then share.

The Fyuse Social Community

While you can keep your Fyuses private, the app thrives on its community of photographers who share their creations in an Instagram-like feed. As you scroll through the feed, Fyuses load automatically and you can tilt your phone to see them in action. Tap on any Fyuse to see the full-size version, which takes up your entire screen.

The app has social functions that help the community does just that. You are able to hashtag and “echo” other users’ posts (share with your followers). You can share to your personal social networks and show off your Fyuses outside of the app. The elements are there for sure.

The community is relatively small and with that the exposure for individuals and for the app itself is small. The smaller the community, the smaller the interactions.

But you can always share with other social networks. You can share to the major social networks like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. The more exposure you give to your Fyuses the more exposure you give to the community and ultimately to the app and the idea of “spatial photography.”


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