English to Spanish Translator – How to Translate English to Spanish

Are you having a Spanish engagement that will warrant you to translate it? You can count on English to Spanish Translator from Google Translator and the question is how? People lose interest in engagements that will be of help to them because of their inability to understand and speak Spanish or other languages. But then this article says English to Spanish Translator which is probably going to be talking about how and reviews of English to Spanish translator. This can only be possible with Google translator and how?English to Spanish Translator – How to Translate English to Spanish

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English to Spanish Translator

You must have done or seen other languages been translated to English and all worth not and so can it be also possible for you to Translate English to Spanish. And this is very much possible with the help of the translator app and Chrome translator. This is why you should be able to have a little understanding of what Google translate is all about.

Google Translator

The Google translator is not tired to only translating Spanish to English and vice versa but it is a multilingual tool for statistical and neural translation developed by Google. This platform is meant for translating text and websites from one language to another. Most importantly, it attends to languages that we don’t understand most time nor speak. This can be done on your PC chrome browser and also your Smartphone app.

English to Spanish Translator

Google Translate


Google’s free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages.

Translate English to Spanish online

https://www.translate.com › english-spanish

English to Spanish translation · Text received · Machine Translation · Editing by translator · Expert editing · Client check · Translation Completed.

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Spanish-English Online Translator and Dictionary – Lingvanex.

https://lingvanex.com › english-to-spanish

Lingvanex free service instantly translates words, phrases voice, audio files, documents and web pages from English to Spanish and from English to Spanish.

DeepL Translate: The world’s most accurate translator

https://www.deepl.com › translator

Accurate translations for individuals and Teams. Millions translate with DeepL … Popular: Spanish to English, French to English, and Japanese to English.

With the Chrome Translator

Using the Chrome Translator is different from the translate app. as a PC user; it is open for you to use the chrome translator even though there is a system app to translate just like the mobile users. Then, you are now eased the stress of visiting non-English site with the help of the chrome translator as it were not in place before. You can now understand and speak languages you never knew as though there were household names. You are not charged to translate any language you come across. Translating English to Spanish or vice versa can be done with the Chrome translator. This will also warrant you to get or install the translator in your chrome PC browser.


Below is how to install the translator to your chrome browser.

  • Open your chrome browser and search for “Google chrome translate extension”.
  • Click on the first info for the next move to the page where you can add chrome. Find “Add Chrome” and click on it. Allow the extension to download and make it available on your chrome browser.


Now, whenever you come across a site that is not Spanish, it will automatically translate itself but before that, you must first set it to the language you want to translate to by changing it to Spanish or the language of your choice. Or download the translator app for PC via your web browser and install it. When you are done downloading it, you should locate the app inside your PC file manager by switching to the download folder. Click on the app and follow the steps to install it.

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With the Translate App for Mobile

Mobile users also have a mobile app for translating languages. To make use of the translator app, you should download the app to your Smartphone. Now access your APP MARKET and get the app downloaded. Type in the search bar “TRANSLATE” and search, proceed to the install button when you see it, and wait for the download process to finalize.

How to Translate English to Spanish

To make use of this translator app on your PC or Smartphone is very easy following the below method. When you have engagement again in Spanish, you just need to copy the text and then open the translate app. There are two boxes there, paste it into the first box since you are translating from English to Spanish. The first box should be the text in English which you are translating from while the second box changes the English to Spanish which is the changed language. Ok, if the text is in Spanish and you want to translate it to English, you can repeat the same step by pasting the Spanish in the first box, and then comes the translated language in the second box.

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