Best Note Taking Apps – Note Taking Apps For iPad

Best Note Taking Apps; Taking notes in school and work can be challenging. For most persons (students especially), the struggle comes with combining writing and listening at the same time, and some times keeping with the teacher.Best Note Taking Apps

The ability to take notes on mobile devices has become very imperative. The increased use of mobile apps has seen an explosion in the number of note-taking and text editing applications released. There are basic software apps that come with smartphones, this makes them ideal for taking notes. In using smartphones for note-taking, it ensures note can be taken anywhere and in the go.

The basic software for note-taking is quite limited to typed-in text, however much more featured-packed apps are now available. Such allow for drawing, adding images and sharing notes with colleagues.

Best Note Taking Apps – Note Taking Apps For iPad and Android

Some of the best note-taking App for iPads include:

  1. Google Keep: It is one of the simplest note-taking apps, and user friendly. The notes can be labeled, given colors and paired with reminders. It also offers speech-to-text functionality so you can dictate notes on the go rather than have to write.
  2. Bear: Bear allows one to create notes, synching them across various Apple devices using iCloud. It also allows for cross-link notes.
  3. Simplenote: This app provides one of the simplest ways to keep notes. It has a clear and simple user interface, making it easy to keep track of notes. Search tools make it easy to find what one is searching for and notes can be shared.
  4. Dropbox Paper: Dropbox has the ability to create mobile folders as well as improved delete and archive features. It is an ideal note-taking app for businesses because of its enterprise features.
  5. Atom: This is an app for coding. It is compatible with Windows and Linux and allows for collaborative editing. It also allows for customization, thus it can be mould into a useful text editor.
  6. Ulysses: This is very good with managing documents. It is an app on Apple’s company platform, perfectly equipped for long-form writing. The notes are written and stored Markdown style which allows for colouring and heading.
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Note-taking Apps commonly used in school include:

  • OneNote: It is a popular app that allows students to organize, capture and share notes. The notes can be organised in folders, as well as sort and search quickly. The app works across multiple devices and offers text-to-speech technology.
  • Squid: It allows for handwriting notes on tablets and mobile phones with the use of fingers and digital pens. The notes can be saved, organised into folders and shared. With a subscription, it allows for the importing of PDFs.
  • Evernote: Evernote allows for taking notes across multiple devices. One can create and organize notebooks for different subjects. Its interface is simple, helping. To reduce distraction. The notes can be shared and the app’s appearance can be customized to one’s preference.
  • AudioNote: AudioNotes are used for recording lectures, typing and drawing. It syncs recorded audios with student’s notes. One can check for different timings on the recording, thereby allowing for the reviewing of lectures through notes and sounds.

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