Receive a 20% Discount By Taking Adidas Survey

Have you been shopping from Adidas Factory Outlet Store? Do you know that you can get 20% discount on your next visit if you take the Adidas Customer Satisfaction Survey? This survey is very simple as you just have to answer

Question on the kind of treatment you received during your shopping in your previous visits.  There is as well another bonus for customers; they can win a pair of shoes sold at $120. To participate in this survey as a customer, you must have visited Adidas Store within the last 7 days. If you have not visited the store within this period, you are not qualified to participate.

Before taking the survey at the Adidas Customer Satisfactory Survey, ensure that you have the receipt of your last visit to the store with you. From your receipt, kindly supply the date of your last visit, the store number, transaction number, and your age.

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You must enroll in these details before you get access to the survey questions. My advice is that if you really want the discount, visit the store within this period (7 days) and safely keep the receipt of your payment so that you can take the survey.

More details About Adidas Survey

The questions for the survey are all customer service based. They are very simple and only demand your sincere response.  Adidas wants to ensure that its workers gave you the kind of treatment you deserve and helped you when you needed assistance.

You will also be asked if you had an issue with the staff or you were not fairly treated.  They as well ask questions related to the quality of their product and how you view the products. All you have to do is supply information based on the kind of treatment you received.

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You will also be asked to leave feedback or suggestions. The survey takes about 3-5 minutes. Adidas carries out this survey to review how their clients get treated, know the areas they need to improve in product quality as well as customer service. No wonder your sincere opinion is very useful.

To take this survey, go to Supply the information they demand. After answering the questions, submit it. The company will send you an invoice number, copy the number out and keep it safe.

Ensure you show the cashier the number for your 20% discount on your next visit. If you have been a customer of Adidas, what are you waiting for? Hurry, take this survey and get your own 20% discount on your next visit.

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