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Allē Register: Do you know you can buy your beauty product and earn rewards for your purchases?

Interesting right? I know this sounds Interesting.
Allē allows you to buy your beauty product and still earn a reward for doing so.
Hence, you can call Allē a reward program, but it is a whole lot more than that.
So, if you need help exploring the world of beauty, Allē might be the final bus Stop.Allē register

Allē Register

To ref=gister your Allē  account,
  • Visit the Allē Register Account button.
  • On the top right corner, click on ‘Join Allē’.
  • Enter your phone number in the open box.
  • You will receive a code on your mobile, enter that code into the space provided.
  • this will help you complete your Allē register.

Allē Login

Existing members can log in by

  • visiting the Allē Login Page.
  • Next, enter your phone number and password.
  • This will grant you access to your Allē Account.
Hence, at Allē, you’re guided through making your first booking to your first consultation. It covers introducing you to how you can save some cash on your preferred choice of treatment.
Thus, they’re there to cheer you on every step.So, if you will love to find out how you can achieve your beauty goal while saving a good amount of money, this article is your last bus stop.
This article will provide you with all the info you need about Allē and its reward program.
So, if you want to explore the world of beauty, make sure you grab a seat as we guide you through it.

About Allē

Most people may be members or must have heard about the Brilliant Distinctions.
Hence, the Brilliant Distinctions was the first of its kind to exist.
This program was a loyalty program for beauty lovers across London.
It offers points to customers who buy some Allergan products like Botox, Juvederm, Belkyra, and Latisse.
Hence, the points earned allow you to save money on your next purchases.
But, the Brilliant Distinctionswas transformed and Allē was the after result.

Allē Offers

Allē offers a lot of services to help you get rewards for making your favorite beauty product purchases.
Hence, let’s take a peep at Allē Services:
  • Personalized Savings

Allē learns what you like once you start earning points. Then, they’ll send you premium offers to help you save some cash. This is the of your favorite beauty treatments, and also recommend new ones you’re yet to try.
Hence, for instance, if you’ve been a lip filler user for years, Allē will offer you JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA XC.
But, if your friend counts on the SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum, that’s 250 Points on your next buy.
But, be sure to visit to see the Use and other vital Safety Info about this product.
  • More Chances to Save

You will save up points with Allē quicker if you got an Allergan Aesthetics treatment. Treatment like CoolSculpting, or testing a non-Allergan beauty brand for a microdermabrasion facial.
Hence, these points canbe used toward your favorite Allergan beauty treatments.
You can book yourself gratis services or bring a free tube of your favorite SkinMedica formula home. This is possible if you’re conscious of how to build up your offers and points,
Though, make sure you visit to see Use and other vital Safety Info about this product.
  • A Clean, Simple User Experience

Allē has also made it easier for you to access your points, rewards, and offers.
Hence, with the Allē App, you can access your Allē Wallet. It stores your points, gift cards, offers, and a lot more all in one place.
Having said that, you don’t have to go through your inbox to find the right email. Rush to buy ink so you can print out an offer, or search your bag for a gift card.
All you need is a click and your provider will pull up your Allē Wallet and make use of any points, gift cards, or offers.
  • Arranged Content for You

Allē is always available to show you how various treatments can fit into your lifestyle.
Hence, a full Allē session aimed at careful and useful content about skin care, beauty, and savings chances. Allwere created by editors and experts across the country.
Having said that, you maybe surprised to find yourself dedicating your time to reading about injectable beauty products.
  • One Centralized Destination for Your Providers

Allē is also ready to help you when you’re ready for your treatment consultation.
Hence, if you already have a provider whose results you trust, that’s amazing!
But, if you’re yet to have one, Allē is here to make the search easy and exciting.
You can agree with me that there are so many providers out there. Hence, trying to find the person for you can be a bit complex.
Yet, it is at this point Allē comes in, they make it easier to find legit providers close to you and also help you connect with them.
Hence, once you’ve booked your appointment, all you have to worry about is making it to your appointment on time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What exactly is Allē?

Allē is a beauty loyalty program that rewards you when you buy your favorite beauty products.
Hence, you can sign up for Allē today and start earning points.As savings at over 50+ in-office products and treatments on your favorite Allergan Aesthetics brands.
Hence, it is a rebranded Brilliant Distinctions reward program giving you more points, rewards, and more of what you love than ever.

Is Allē free and how can I become a member?

Of course, Allē is free.Hence, if you’re already a Brilliant Distinctions member, all you have to do is to upgrade your account to Allē by visiting
Hence, if you’re new to this reward program, you sign up for Allē by visiting

What are Allē points used for?

Allē pointsare considered as currency in Allē and they canbe used for savings on your best products and treatments by Allergan Aesthetics.

What treatments can I earn Allē points on?

You can earn Allē points on products and treatments from Allergan Aesthetics brands.
That’s not all, you can also earn points on an array of products and treatments from other brands too.
Hence, that means you can earn Allē points on microdermabrasion facials, laser hair removal, and a lot more.
But, the points earned from other brands canbe used on your favorite Allergan Aesthetics products and treatments.
But, you can visit for more info on how to earn points.
How do I use my Allē points?
How you want to use your point depends on you!Hence, some people may prefer using them on their next purchases while other may prefer saving them for later use.
But, be sure to ask your provider to apply your earned points at checkout.This will prompt savings on Allergan Aesthetic products and treatments when you’re ready to use your points.

How many points do I need to have to get discounts?

Your point is redeemable when they are up to 100 points.
Having said that, every 100 points are equal to $10 in savings and you can use as many points as like, up to the sum of your transaction.

Can I merge my points with offers?

Of course! Allē allows you to combine your points with offers.

Can I combine my gift card with points and offers?

For sure! You can combine gift cards with points and offers too!
Hence, pilling up your savings makes it easier to see your worth as an Allē Member.
Unlike other gift cards you may have gotten in the past, Allē gift cards never expire, so you can keep them tobe used on special occasions.

What exactly is Allē wallet?

The Allē Wallet is a platform that allows you to access your points, offers, gift cards, and other perks with ease as an Allē Member.
Hence, you don’t have to go through your inbox to find the right email, rush to buy ink so you can print out an offer, or search your bag for a gift card.
All you need is a click and your provider can access your Wallet at checkout.

How do I add my gift card codes to my Allē wallet?

You can do that by logging into your account, then navigating to the ‘Wallet’ Option.
Under the ‘Wallet’ option, select ‘Gift cards’, then click on ‘Add a Gift Card’.
Once you’ve done that, type in your gift card code and click on the ‘Add to Wallet’ button to complete the process.
Then, when you’re ready to use it, be sure to inform your provider after getting a treatment that you have a gift card in your Wallet.
By doing that, they’ll be able to pull up your Allē account and apply the funds in a click.

Is there an Allē App?

Of course! You can download the Allē app on your iOS device by visiting
But, an android version of this app will be available in no time.
Hence, for now, you can access your account through the Allēmobile-friendly version via

What happened to the Brilliant Distinctions reward program?

The Brilliant Distinctionswas transformed and Allē was the after result.
To cut the long story short, the Brilliant Distinctions reward program hasbeen replaced with Allē.
Hence, when you sign up for Allē, you will have access to more ways to earn points.You will also be able to do more savings on your Allē Wallet, alongside more content and info on new products and treatments.

Why did my Brilliant Distinctions reward become points in Allē?

As an Allē member, you don’t need to turn points into rewards to redeem them.
Hence, you redeem your points straight from your Wallet for prompt savings at checkout.
But, since Allē points are like currency in Allē, your rewardsare converted into points.This is when you upgrade your account from a Brilliant Distinctions reward account to an Allē account.

What happens to Diamond Status members?

Allē aims towards making the reward program easier.
Hence, that’s why they created a single VIP membership tier known as the A-List.
Yet, if you were a Diamond Member, you willbe moved to the A-List when you move your Brilliant Distinctions account to Allē.


To sum it up, we hope this article was a good guide on the info you need on how you can achieve your beauty goal while saving a good amount of money
Yet, if you have any questions about the Allē reward program, please leave a comment and we will reach out to you soon.

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