Activate your Bricks Prepaid MasterCard Now

Do you need a prepaid credit card for your expenses? Is your credit score low to the point that it is only prepaid credit card that you can get approval for? Why not try the Bricks Prepaid MasterCard Now?  They may have already sent you an advert in the mail.  The offer often comes with the real card, to activate it, call 1-877-798-9067. You can as well go to Bricks Prepaid MasterCard online web portal to activate your card. Just follow the instructions given and supply your personal details such as your name, residential address, and the last 4 digits of your social security number and lots more.

Moreover, ensure that you supply your 16-20 digits card number in the Enter Card Number section if you will activate online. Thoroughly follow the instructions to do the activation properly. This is very easy and simple.  From the website, you can add money to your card by transferring from your PayPal account, another Bricks Prepaid card account or your checking account.

Additionally, you can add money to your account through your employer payroll or government direct deposit. You can as well go to one of the reload locations that participate in the NetSpend Reload Network. After setting your account up, use your login details to sign into your account. You can do this at any convenient time without stress. The website is open 24/7.

Cardholders can use the Bricks Prepaid MasterCard to make purchases for whatever they need online. Once the Master card is accepted, you can use it. You can buy from retail outlets, shopping malls, hotel accommodations, and many more. With the online web portal, you can do a lot of things apart from making purchases. You can check your balance and get to know more details about your card. Note that you can only spend what you have in the card as it is a prepaid credit card. Once your money finishes, you cannot make any more purchases. Spend based on what you have and don`t spend beyond your means.

With the Bricks Prepaid MasterCard, you won`t need to pay any annual fees, late payment fees, and lots of other fees. There is no minimum balance, credit check or credit limit at all. Go ahead to activate the card you got in the mail and start using it.

Having a Prepaid credit card helps you become more careful in your spending since you know that what you are spending is your hard earned money. Once it finishes you won`t have to spend more. A prepaid credit card helps you keep your spending in check.


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