My Subway Card – Enjoy Your Scrumptious Meal With Amazing Discounts At Mysubwaycard.Com

My Subway Card – Enjoy Your Scrumptious Meal With Amazing Discounts At Mysubwaycard.Com

Subway was founded back in 1965. It is a U.S restaurant chain that expanded at an explosive rate and one of the most famous restaurants as well. Subway specializes in sandwiches especially marine sandwiches along with salads.

If you have a craving for delicious subway sandwiches or you’re a regular customer of Subway then you can start enjoying amazing discount deals by activating your Subway Card at

You can give your friends or team members a treat using this card, you can also use it for yourself. When you register for My Subway Card online you can select the option of autoloading and keep a track of your balance online.

Using this card also allows you to earn extra reward points whenever you purchase from any subway outlet; these points will accumulate and be used later to purchase free meals!

The online account management of My Subway Card is very convenient; you can add more than one card, redeem points, check balance and much more. So avail yourself of this opportunity today and eat to your full! For further directions on the requirements and how to register your Subway Card, check below.


Make sure you have all the requirements before registering for your My Subway Card:

  1. You must have a stable internet connection along with a device that can be used to access the internet.
  2. Your minimum age must be 13 years.
  3. You must have a Subway Card.


If you are ready to avail all the best discount deal at your favorite sandwich outlet, then register you’re my Subway Card online by following the steps below:

  • Open the web page Com in your web browser to access the official website for Subway.
  • Select the option of “Subway Card”, you will then be redirected to a new page. Then select the option of “Register a Card” at the top right corner of the navigation bar.
  • Enter the required information. Your name, email, password, contact number, security question along with your answer. You can choose your email address to be your login ID. Then enter your card number and pin.
  • Click on Submit to complete the registration for My Subway Card.


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