Rhode Island – Rhode Island Student Loan Authority (RISLA) Review

Rhode Island is a nonprofit organization that offers student loans. The operation of the Rhode Island Student loan Authority too off in 1981. In the past days, RISLA offered borrowers who lived and attended school in Rhode. But currently, Rhode Island has become a nationwide student loan lender. From the annual report, RISLA offered $113.4 million in fixed-rate loans as of 2019.Rhode Island - Rhode Island Student Loan Authority (RISLA) Review

Also RISLA issues loans to undergraduate, graduate loans, and parent-student loans. RISLA can serve as your best refinancing option for your federal private student loan.

With RISLA, you can obtain forbearance if you face financial hardship. The lender has fewer repayment options and there are limited to some range that they can borrow.

What you should know

  • Are you aware that there are no origination fees or application fees?  Firstly, in RISLA, there is no charge for application or origination fees. This makes it have a greater advantage over some federal loans.
  • Also, there is room for forbearance and income-based repayment for some scenarios. This means that you can be considered if you cannot afford your monthly payments. In some cases, it allows you to temporarily postpone payments or to reduce payments over an alternative payment plan.
  • Thirdly, there are possibilities of obtaining loan forgiveness. This means that students who complete an internship can qualify for a reduction of up to $2,000 in their balance.
  • Moreso, do you know that you have limited repayment options?There are only two repayment options for borrowers which are immediate payment and deferred payment. Outside this, there is no other option than to apply for another loan from another lender.
  • In addition there is no room for prequalification. Over here, you cannot get a quick rate without affecting your credit score because there is no room for prequalification. Just submit your application and you will be passing through hard credit inquiry.
  • Finally, there is a limited loan amount. This means that RISLA has a strict loan maximum. Thus, the highest you can borrow is $45,000 per year and there is an average limit each borrower can borrow ($150,000) or per family ($175,000). So when you need something more than that, you will need to use another lender.Rhode Island
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RISLA Refinancing and Private Student Loans: 2021 Review

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RISLA makes loans to students who are from Rhode Island or go to school there. But anyone can refinance student loans through RISLA.

RISLA Student Loans Review 2021 | US News

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The Rhode Island Student Loan Authority is a nonprofit quasi-state authority that provides college financing to students and parents.

RISLA Student Loans: 2022 Review | Bankrate

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Affordability, 4.4, RISLA’s APRs are low, especially for borrowers in Rhode Island, though it does charge a few fees. ; Customer Experience, 4.0

RISLA Student Loan Refinancing Review January 2022

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Although based in Rhode IslandRISLA offers student loan refinancing to borrowers in all 50 states. In this post: RISLA interest rates and loan

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Available RISLA Student Loans

Undergraduate Student Loans

Over here, undergraduate student loans offer low-cost options. However, it will be difficult to say that they are alternatives to federal student loans. Moreso, there is no application or origination fees, or prepayment penalty. So you can decide to pay off earlier.

Fixed Rates Starting from 3.99% to 5.24% fixed rate amounts. Note: Certainly the lowest rate includes a 0.25% automatic payment discount. means while the payment begins while you are in school.
Loan Amounts $1,500 to $45,000 per year
Loan Terms  You are left for 10 years for immediate repayment, and 15 years if you had deferred your payment.


Graduate Student Loans

In addition do you need help as a student in graduate school so as to cover up for your tuition, room, and board, plus other expenses?  Also, RISLA offers a graduate student loan that can help. There is no application or origination fee attached to it, and you can pay as early as you want without attracting prepayment penalties.

Furthemore, RISLA graduate loan really can be an alternative to federal Grade PLUS Loans comparing it with what the last report was looking like because of its cost-effective.

Fixed Rates Starting from 3.99% to 5.24%, fixed rates can be offered for a graduate student loan. Note: the lowest rate includes a 0.25% automatic payment discount. Meanwhile, payments begin while you are in school.
Loan Amounts $1,500 to $45,000 per year
Loan Terms There are only two options for the loan term, they are 10 years for immediate repayment and 15 years for deferred payment
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Parent Student Loans

Interestingly, parents can take out their child’s post-secondary education. Of course, Parent student loan on RISLA offers a better alternative to Federal Parent PLUS Loans. Certainly, there is no application or origination fee, and also no penalties for prepayment.

Also, there is only one option for repayment which is immediate repayment. No room for deferment until the student graduates. You have 15 days grace period after the final disbursement to resume payment.

Fixed Rates 4.99% (includes 0.25% automatic payment discount)
Loan Amounts $1,500 to $45-,000 per year
Loan Terms 10 years


  • Importantly, over here, borrowers or their cosigners must earn at least $40,000 per year to qualify for the loan and,
  • Similarly, borrowers and the cosigners must pass a credit check.
  • Lastly, automatic repayment sign up offers you an interest rate, as well as, a discount of 0.25%.

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