Penalty Rates on Cards it might last longer than u expected– Avoid them

Penalty Rates on Cards it might last longer than u expected– Avoid them

Credit card issuers have a go-ahead by the federal law to impose a fine if there is an illegal act on their credit card within a 60-day payment period. This type of penalty results in a loss on your current interest rate, including a promotional rate, and your financial costs will be calculated with a meaningful higher penalty for at least six months.

The Expiration Rule of the Six-month Sanction.

The penalty rate will not be for long. Credit Card companies must reduce the penalty rate to the normal interest rate after six subsequent periodic payments, but this only applies to the balance that existed at the time the penalty was imposed. It does not apply to acquisitions made after the crime rate goes into effect.

Ensure you review the terms of your credit card (found on the credit card issuer’s website, available upon request or in the Federal Credit Card Database) to check the level of penalties and if the issuer of the card leaves space for new purchases. The section “Penalty Rates and how it applies” will specify whether an application should be sent if the penalty fee can be used indefinitely.

Understand the causes of the fine, for instance, late payment, refund, credit limit or all of them. If you have more than one credit card, the failure to take note of one of these accounts may result in a penalty from the second account. Have this at the back of your mind that credit card companies can no longer increase their rate based on their participation in the accounts of other creditors

The Penalty Rate of  Most Credit Card Companies | Penalty Rates on Cards

Below are some credit card issuers with their penalty rates.

Penalty Rates on Cards

  • American Express: An APR penalty is used for at least 6 months. Your account would be verified every 6 months after the APR fine. The APR penalty will be effective after quick payment is made without refunding any returned payment within 6 months. The APR fine will be applied to existing balances only if the payment exceeds 60 days.


  • Bank of America: When the annual payment rate increases, the APR penalty will apply for an unlimited period. Your APR fine will not exceed 29.99% for new transactions. There is no APR fine on existing balances.
  • Capital One: If APR is increased by a delay in payment, the APR penalty may be applied for an indefinite period. Capital One occasionally reviews any rate increase in its account in terms of a possible reduction in rate.


  • Citi: If the APRs are increased for one of these reasons, the APR penalty can be applied indefinitely. In the case of Citi, the reason for payment is delayed or reimbursed.
  • Discover: Discover cards have no penalty with it use



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