How Marriage Affects Your Credit

How Marriage Affects Your Credit

You might probably be wondering how marriage will affect your credit score or worthiness.

After getting married What Happens to Your Credit | How Marriage Affects Your Credit

Most times, nothing will happen to your credit after you exchange wedding vows that is, after getting married. You together with your spouse will continue to have separate credit reports containing your credit history. The credit history of your spouse won’t appear on your credit report either will your information appear on your spouse’s credit report.

How Marriage Affects Your Credit

When you marry someone who has bad credit, your credit score won’t drop either will your score improve on basis of your spouse’s good credit score. Your credit scores will always be calculated based on the information of your credit reports.

Will a Name Change Create a New History?

The new name will be reflected on that spouse’s credit report if a spouse changes his or her name.  Since each person’s credit report information is directly tied to their social security number, the spouse who changes his or her name will keep having just one credit report with accounts under the old and new names.

Credit card companies sometimes create different credit file following a change of name which isn’t supposed to happen. But If it happens, you can contact the credit company to have your credit files re-merged.

When Does Your Spouse’s Credit Affect Yours

For a Jointly applied credit card or loan, your both credit scores will be checked to approve your application. There is a chance your application won’t be approved if one of you has bad credit. With joint accounts and authorized user accounts, the history of only that account is reported on both spouses’ credit reports, even if the account is used by one spouse.

For joint accounts, both spouses are responsible for making credit card and loan payments and if the account becomes overdue, the company will attempt to collect from both spouses.

When One Spouse Has Bad Credit | How Marriage Affects Your Credit

With different credit stores for both spouses, decide how you want to handle credit-based applications.


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