Ralph 123 Rewards Debit Card – suitable for frequent Kroger shoppers

Ralph 123 Rewards Debit Card - suitable for frequent Kroger shoppers

Are you in need of a card that will give you lots of reward points? If so, why not try the Ralph 123 Rewards Debit card? The card is best suitable for frequent Kroger shoppers. If they use their cards for shopping there, they will earn free groceries. Customers can use the card anywhere the Visa Logo is acceptable and still earn reward points. Cardholders earn 2 points per dollar while making purchases at Kroger Shops while they earn 1 point per dollar in other shops. You cannot lose anything by using this card.

Ralph 123 Rewards Debit Card - suitable for frequent Kroger shoppers

Kroger REWARDS Debit Card (ACH Card)

https://www.kroger.com › kroger-rewards-debit-card

The Kroger REWARDS Debit Card is a rewards card and check card all in one! Earn fuel points and exclusive offers for online or in-store grocery purchases.

Compare our Debit & Credit REWARDS Cards – Kroger

https://www.kroger.com › our-payment-cards

Compare our payment card options today. You can earn rewards and discounts every time you make a purchase. With debit and credit options, we make it easy.

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Compare our Debit & Credit REWARDS Cards – Ralphs

https://www.ralphs.com › our-payment-cards

Elevate your status to savvy shopper with a rewarding, secure and convenient … The Kroger Rewards Debit Card is a rewards card and check card, all in one!

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With the Kroger Rewards World Elite Mastercard®, you’ll save on fuel and earn cash back with every eligible … Learn more about the 1-2-3 Rewards Credit Card.


If you need the Ralph 123 Rewards Debit Card

go to Kroger`s Store and buy a Temporary Card. Load some cash into the card after getting it so that you can use it to make purchases. Getting the card is not hard as it does not demand anyone checking your credit score. Your first initial deposit must be more than $10 but not more than $500. To activate your card, call 1-866-757-2273 or go to Ralphs.kpfprepaid.com. Ensure you go with your card to enroll the 16 digit card number as well as your 3 digit security code.

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It is very important to know that the Temporary card is not a reloadable card. You will use it as a Visa debit card until your new Personalized Card reaches your destination through the mail. The Personalized usually comes after 7 days of applying for it. It is this card that is reloadable. It has the same activation process as a temporary card. In this personalized card, you can load up to $3,000. Note that it is a debit card; you can only spend what you have in your account.

Additionally, new cardholders MUST earn up to 500 points before getting their first discount which is equivalent to $5. For first-time customers who have earned up to 500 points, get e-certificates quarterly to enjoy the discounts and as well earn their rewards.

If you are a cardholder, you can go to the website mentioned above to enroll your card for an online account. You will supply certain details like your full name, zip code, card number, and any other detail they demand. Also, you will create your login details (User ID and Password) to always login into your account. From your online account, you will have access to the following:  viewing your account balance, payment details, reward points, and so on.