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As a result of the recent scoop and development around the sectors of business, everyone has to choose the part and option of online Learning and Training. Before now, this has been in use over time. But do you have an idea of which site that you want to learn with?

Choosing the best platform is what really matters because what you learn matters as long as your source is reliable. Let’s find out the best sites to use for online learning and training.

What is Online Learning Like?

This is nothing different from the physical lectures you take in a classroom. But the difference is the case of physical lecture in a classroom. But it supports all it takes to pass information across which is internet-based training. It will require varieties of multimedia elements such as videos, audios, graphics and also web links.

This supports personal browsing as long it is self-paced. Thus, online learning can be done at any time and place for as long as there’s an internet connection. This is likely more convenient for individuals so that they can meet up with other daily activities. Just go ahead and prepare your secure, tight and strong network for online learning and training.

Platforms for Online Learning and Training

There are a lot of sites that will get you through online learning and training. Below are some of them.


OpenCourseWare is a worldwide platform that covers university level and college-level course materials. Thus, most average humans can make use of this site for free internet learning. Its interface allows users to search for the topic of their interest in any language. You got no option to say that you lack information/knowledge.


Alison- this is a global e-learning platform that offers courses like English, German, and also French. You can explore the site for yourself now you have an idea of the site.  It offers spectacular training and online learning.

Khan Academy

It features a wide range of educational videos on subjects ranging from SAT prep to Cosmology, art, and history. This is an ideal choice for learning. You can as well fix the learning schedule via this platform. Visit the site for more details.

Open Education Database

This is another designed educational hub, having about 10,000 courses from universities across the globe. You can decide to learn what you want as it covers a wide range of multimedia courses via videos, audio or mixed.

Open Learning Institute

It bases on more of a handful of course materials as it does this with the same material and self-guided assessment to ensure perfection. It is ideal for students.

 MIT Open Courseware

Some awesome features of this platform are that it aligns with the course chosen with respect to date it would be taught and as well give you access to the syllabus. You get to solve assignments, study materials, read and as well follow a calendar.


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