How To Log Into AT&T Universal Card Account

How To Log Into AT&T Universal Card Account

AT&T, the most reliable network, and phone providers are offering a Universal Card to their customers. This card comes in handy when you aren’t interested in handling too many cards. Just a single card, can be used both as a credit card and calling card.

No need to go the local store and buy other overly-priced calling cards; or going to the bank to pay your bills and get your statement.

All these are available with this card amongst other benefits. This card login is easily accessible and allows you to get many amazing offers and services. There are lots of things that make your life easier, and AT&T Universal Card is one of them. Furthermore, with the AT&T Universal Card, you can get alerts directly to the email you registered with during the login process here.

AT&T, along with its financial partner Citibank, offers basically two types of cards to its customer. They include:

  1. AT&T Universal Savings Platinum Mastercard

You save a lot by using this card. Consumers can earn statement credit on the following lines;

  • They can get back 0.5 % of expenditures of $250 or less.
  • On purchases of between $250.01 to $750, get 1% back.
  • Get a total 1.5% of the amount back on purchases exceeding $750.

Also, with the help of the account management application, customers can keep a check on their account from their cell phones. Plus, this is offered free of charge since there is no annual fee for the savings card. Lastly, there is 0% introductory APR for the first 15 months. However, after that, the variable APR is usually between 13.99%-23.99% based on the creditworthiness of the user.

  1. AT&T Universal Savings And Rewards Mastercard

If you frequently spend on AT&T products and services, then you are eligible to receive $350 per year in statement credit. You receive 10% savings in the first 12 months and 5% after that. Savings usually come in the form of a billing statement in the same month when the purchases were made.

However, if the total non-AT&T purchases made in a year are more than the AT&T purchases, say like $500 against $350, then the cardholder gets a $35 statement credit.

But if the AT&T purchases exceed the non-AT&T purchases, like $150 against $50, then the customers get only $5 of a statement credit. So, this shows that it depends on the extent to which non-AT&T purchases are made.


This card also comes without an annual fee. Plus, the APR for the balance transfer of this particular card is the same as that of the previous card. Notably, there are some Thank-You Rewards associated with this card. 10,000 bonus points can be earned if the cardholder spends at least $500 in first three months. For every dollar spent on non-AT&T purchases, one Thank-You point is also rewarded.

Points can easily be redeemed by going to Thank-You Rewards online or by phone call. Calling benefits are also offered to the cardholders; 30 free phone minutes each month, along with 2 free directory assistance inquiries per month and other wireless advantages.

Logging Into The AT&T Universal Card Portal

You can stay up-to-date on all the recent items, advancements, and administrations of AT&T Universal Card by providing us with your email address.

Select which particular email classifications you’re interested in and we’ll send you messages on those subjects. We might likewise use this email address to get in touch with you on your record. As usual, be assured that your data will be kept private as per our protection arrangement.

The information that the login process requires includes: your name, home address, account number, etc. There are a lot of fields to be filled, so take your time to fill them correctly in order to enjoy the full benefits.