Fidelity Investments Login: Fidelity LOGIN and Signup on

Technology has sure made life easy buts it’s about to get easier with Fidelity online portal. The days of going to the bank to stand in queues are over. You can now open an account without having to visit a branch. You don’t need any stamp or paperwork. Just sign in and register on the online platform to get started.

This service is brought to you by Fidelity Investments, a well known financial services company in the United States, operating since 1946. Fidelity is committed to making banking an enjoyable experience, they listen to the needs of their customers. That’s why this portal was created to relieve the users’ stress should have gone through.

The following steps below will guide you to optimize this benefit from Fidelity Investments Login:

Process To Create Your Fidelity Investments Login

  • Open the website using the following address:
  • On the web page that opens, select the ‘Open an Account’ option in the links in the website’s header.
  • Out of all the Account Types listed, choose the account that suits your needs best. Carefully select one and click ‘Open online’ to start signup.
  • Choose the Type of Ownership and click ‘Next’.
  • Enter in details such as your Name, E-mail Address, and all other required details. Follow the rules given to complete your signup.


To log into your Fidelity account, follow the steps below.

  • Once you enter the homepage:
  • On the web page that opens, select the ‘Log In’ option in the navigation links in the website’s header.
  • On the webpage that opens, in the fields provided, enter in your Username and the Password associated with your account.
  • Select ‘Remember Me’ and click the option ‘Log In’ to log into your account.
  • Password and Username Recovery:
  • If you can’t remember your password, click on the provided link, ‘Having Trouble with Your Username or Password?’ to recover your account.
  • If you continue to face issues, contact Fidelity Customer Support services. You can reach them or contact them using online methods such as through E-mail Accounts and Social Media.

With this Fidelity Investments Login, users will be able to carry out financial transactions, pay bills and fund investment from their comfort.