YouTube Application Open Steps – All you need to Know about YouTube Application

What do you think about YouTube?

I decided to ask this question before I start talking about the application itself. What is YouTube? YouTube is a platform or rather website that conducts all kinds of video streaming. This can also be seen as an American based website known for video sharing. Words are not enough to describe this very wonderful site. It has become a platform where people earn money. YouTube Application Open you up to thousands of free videos and content.YouTube Application Open

Being a subsidiary of Google, they have linked Google’s platform in making people earn money through the help of Google AdSense. YouTube is headquartered in San Bruno, California. Business and channel owners have made a lot of earnings from this site.

Now the work of AdSense is to reach advertisements to people according to the target and content of the site and the audience.

Really! This sounds so amazing having heard of this wonderful feature. Not just marketing your business brand, you also make earnings on this web site. I believe this is the catchy part of this web site. Everyone will like to participate in it having heard about it.

Now talking about YouTube being a subsidiary of Google, I will like to tell you what that means. YouTube website was launched in February 2005 but was later purchased by Google in the year 2006 for the sum of 1.65 billion US dollars. Ever since then, YouTube has become Google’s sub-service.

YouTube Application 

Knowing what YouTube is all about, what do you think about YouTube application? The official YouTube application is known as the “YouTube go”. YouTube application is referred to as a program that is not web-based. What is this trying to say?

It means that you can now access the website without the use of a web browser again. Note that data usage is not excluded. This interesting thing is that you access your YouTube account easily at any time you want. This application has its own feature through which it functions. This feature made it unique from other services.

Think of learning online, you cannot deal with that without the use of YouTube currently. YouTube has become so influential that everyone wants to make use of it. This application is designed to run on only mobile devices such as Android devices, iOS devices. However, “YouTube go” is the official app for the YouTube website.

Features of the YouTube Application Open

Let’s look at some basic features of YouTube on your Smartphone which makes the platform very essential from other sites. Check out for the below features

  • Ability to stream videos on YouTube in HD quality.
  • You can easily find videos and channels using the voice search.
  • You can easily subscribe to YouTube channels when once you have a registered account.
  • Also, You can link/share a post from YouTube to your social media account such as facebook, google plus, twitter, your email account, etc
  • You get an update from the subscribed channels.

Enjoy more features when you create your personal account with YouTube.


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