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If you have issues creating an account on yahoo mail or you’re new and just want to know how it works, then you’re on the right page. You will find valuable details regarding yahoo here. Various areas (topics) covered in this article are outlined below:Yahoo mail Login

Topics Covered

  • Yahoo Mail SignUp How to create a Yahoomail Account
  • Yahoo Mail Login | How to Login to Yahoomail Account.
  • How to Delete YahooMail (www.yahoomail.com) Account.
  • Other Yahoo Services,
  • Yahoo Mail Android App.
  • YahooMail On Social Medi.a
  • Yahoo Email Domains: The List.
  • Country Yahoo Mail Domain.


For newbies, the Yahoo setup process is fairly simple, but there are few things you need to have in mind. They are:

  • Create your email with an ID you can always remember
  • You need to Create your new email account with the password you will always remember.
  • You will need a strong password to protect your account.
  • You can use an alternative email during the sign-up. This will enable you to recall and retrieve your account in case there is any problem in the future.
  • Use an active mobile number for the signup so that you can verify your Yahoo Registration


  • Visit the URL; login.yahoo.com from your browser.
  • Scroll down and click on the icon ‘Sign Up’.
  • Fill the form that appears.
  • Submit your new yahoo mail signup form
  • Use your phone number to verify your yahoo mail sign up.

NB: To sign up an account can only be true if data in the yahoo sign up form is entered right. The error made on the sign-up page will be noted in red ink while users are prompted to correct them.

Once all the entered details are checked to be correct. Your Yahoo Mail email address will be created without hitch. You can now login into your mailbox.

Your new YahooMail includes Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Mail chat, Yahoo Email, Yahoo.


After creating your yahoo mail, you can follow these steps to login into your account anytime:

  • Enter yahoomail.com in your browser address bar, this should take you to yahoo email login page.
  • Enter your password and your YahooMail Id in the boxes.
  • Click on the sign in / login button below.
  • That’s it! Get into your inbox and connect with the world.


  • Log on to https://edit.yahoo.com/config/delete_user.
  • Enter your password in the space provided and click on “terminate this account” button. After 90 days, the account will be closed down. Also, before doing this, you may decide to transfer your data elsewhere. YahooMail (www.yahoomail.com) will delete all links linked with the Yahoo Mail account.


There are so many other useful services given by Yahoo that is at your disposal. Some of them include:

  • Yahoo Ads: This service informs people about new products and services. It uses Yahoo mail as its mailing service.
  • Yahoo Answers: this one I use for private. It’s a service that provides questions and answers. It makes use of Yahoo mail as its mailing service. You can sign up to Yahoo to get full access to this service.
  • Yahoo Autos: Is concerned with cars. It is a service for buying, selling and searching for cars. If you sign up to www.yahoomail.com this service is also available for you by default.
  • Yahoo Developer Network. This is a Yahoo service for esteemed develops Yahoo. Sign up and make uses www.yahoomail.com as it official mailing service, you can sign up to yahoo mail to get full access to this service.
  • Yahoo Finance: this is for the business enthusiast. It’s is a stock market news site owned by Yahoo. It is an information only website.
  • Yahoo GeoPlanet: this gives data to developers on how Yahoo functions. It shows how to go about Yahoo for geeks. It shows the difference between the Real and digital worlds and makes use of www.yahoomail.com as its mailing service as you’d expect.
  • Yahoo Groups: just like a social network. This one helps you to reach your folks or friends. It’s like you creating a topic and inviting a friend for group talk just like the group on Facebook. Whatever your interests or hobbies are, there is a Yahoo Group for you or you can create a new group and it makes use of www.yahoomail.com as it mailing service, you can sign up to yahoo mail to get full access to this service
  • Yahoo Local show you details of where you can find a business in your local area. It shows featured landmarks and event data from a certain area. You do not need to be a user of Yahoo mail to use this service, however. But, you must sign up to write a review or comment

Others Yahoo Features are

  • Yahoo Maps: as the name implies, is a free online mapping service that shows Smart View of  provided if you have signed up to www.yahoomail.com you can store a list of commonly used street addresses icons
  • Yahoo Messenger: is an Instant Messaging service by Yahoo for Sending text messages in real-time it Shares photos from your computer or Flicker. Not as popular as it used to be. Also makes use of www.yahoomail.com as its mailing service.
  • Yahoo News this is a data service by Yahoo that gives you live news update on Top Stories, Business, Science, Health, Weather, etc. It is a news service like CNN.com, CBC News, Seven News, and BBC News and it allows comments for news articles if you sign up to www.yahoomail.com
  • Yahoo OMG is a fun hub owned by Yahoo. In Yahoo OMG, you can get celebrity news, photos, gossip, Top Stories and so on you are allowed to drop comments only if you sign up to www.yahoomail.com
  • Yahoo Pipes is a web-enabled app. It is used by graphical user interface for creating data mashups that heap up web feeds, web pages, and other services. This is done by getting it details from different sources. Users must sign up to www.yahoomail.com to use this service


You could just use your Google play store app and search for “Yahoo Mail”. Download and enter your email username and password. Then click on login. This makes your mail easily easy for all. You can also enable note so you get a beep the moment a new mail enters your account.

Here is a direct URL to play store page for yahoo email Android app.


Here are direct links to yahoomail.com Social media pages

Yahoo on Facebook

Yahoo on twitter

Yahoo tv on Instagram

Use these links to browse around:  Yahoo Mail Sign Up | Yahoomail Login | Delete Yahoomail | Yahoo Mail Android App |


YahooMail (www.yahoomail.com) has email domains sign up for almost all countries of the World. Here is a compiled list:


www.Yahoo Mail.com Argentina: Yahoo.com.ar

www.Yahoo Mail.com  Australia: Yahoo.com.au

www.Yahoo Mail.com  Austria: Yahoo.at

www.Yahoo Mail.com  Belgium (French): Yahoo.be/fr

www.YahooMail.com  Belgium (Dutch): Yahoo.be/nl

www.YahooMail.com  Brazil: Yahoo.com.br

www.YahooMail.com  Canada (English): Yca.yahoo.com

www.YahooMail.com  Canada (French) qc.yahoo.com

www.YahooMail.com  Colombia: Yahoo.com.co

www.YahooMail.com  Croatia: Yahoo.com.hr

www.Yahoo Mail.com  Czech Republic: Yahoo.cz

www.Yahoo Mail.com Denmark: Yahoo.dk

www.Yahoo Mail.com  Finland: Yahoo.fi

www.Yahoo Mail.com France: Yahoo.fr

www.Yahoo Mail.com Germany: Yahoo.de

www.Yahoo Mail.com Greece: Yahoo.gr

www.Yahoo Mail.com Hong Kong: Yahoo.com.hk

www.YahooMail.com Hungary: Yahoo.hu

www.YahooMail.com India: Yahoo.co.in/yahoo.in

www.YahooMail.com Indonesia: Yahoo.co.id

www.YahooMail.com Ireland: Yahoo.ie

www.YahooMail.com Israel: Yahoo.co.il

www.YahooMail.com Italy: Yahoo.it

www.YahooMail.com Japan: Yahoo.co.jp

www.YahooMail.com Malaysia: Yahoo.com.my

www.YahooMail.com Mexico: Yahoo.com.mx

www.YahooMail.com Middle East : Yahoo.ae

www.YahooMail.com Netherlands: Yahoo.nl

www.YahooMail.com New Zealand: Yahoo.co.nz

www.YahooMail.com Norway: Yahoo.no

www.YahooMail.com Philippines: Yahoo.com.ph

www.YahooMail.com Poland: Yahoo.pl

www.YahooMail.com Portugal: Yahoo.pt

www.YahooMail.com Romania: Yahoo.ro

www.YahooMail.com Russia: Yahoo.ru

www.YahooMail.com Singapore: Yahoo.com.sg

www.YahooMail.com South Africa: Yahoo.co.za

www.YahooMail.com Spain: Yahoo.es


www.YahooMail.com Sweden: Yahoo.se

www.YahooMail.com Switzerland (French): Yahoo.ch/fr

www.YahooMail.com Switzerland (German): Yahoo.ch/de

www.YahooMail.com Taiwan: Yahoo.com.tw

www.YahooMail.com Thailand: Yahoo.co.th

www.YahooMail.com Turkey: Yahoo.com.tr

www.YahooMail.com United Kingdom: Yahoo.co.uk

www.YahooMail.com United States: Yahoo.com

www.YahooMail.com Vietnam: Yahoo.com.vn

To this end, that is what Yahoo is all about and the services they render. Hope this article was useful. You can contact us for further inquiries or drop your questions below.