Securus Login: Communicate With Friends And Family Using Www.Securustech.Net

Securus Technologies can help you bridge the gap between you and your incarcerated loved ones in any facility. You don’t have to wait for visiting hours, you can enjoy their company as if they are there with you via phone call, video call, and email services. Securus makes all this possible with just a single click.

Accompanied with the fact that Securus Technologies has access to a lot of facilities in the state, they might be your only resort in reaching your dear ones no matter the facility they are in and help you stay in touch with them. The method of funding is easy and simple once you log in to their official website at The following steps can be used to access Securus Login account for availing their different services.

Securus Login: How To Login To Your Securus Account

If you already have an account on Securus, complete your Securus Login by:

  • You simply need to visit the website
  • On the top of the page, you can see Log into Securus Online.
  • Here, you enter your email id where ‘type your email address’ is written and in the next column, you write your password and press enter to login into Securus.
  • If the information you have provided is correct, then you can access your account. Otherwise, you will be asked to provide your correct email id and password again.

In case you forget your password or username, click on forgot username or password which you will find next to the Password column.

How To Create An Account On Securus

If you are logging in for the first time, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the website
  • This will take you to the homepage. On the top right corner, there is an option of Enroll Now.
  • You click on that option which will redirect you to another page. Here you will be asked if you have used Securus before.
  • If you have used it before, it will ask for your 4 Digit PIN.
  • If you are using it for the first time, it will redirect you to another page to Enroll in Securus Online
  • STEP 1: To enroll, your email address is required in the provided space, and you need to set a password so that the account is only accessible by you.
  • STEP 2: Then the information of Account Holder is needed, i.e. your name, address, phone number, country, and city. Again, this information is to be filled in the provided spaces.
  • Followed by this, you need to set a 4-digit pin that can only be used by the account holder for availing the services.
  • STEP 3: After that, you have to select the state of the Correctional Facility where the Inmate is housed. Every facility has its code; you just need to put in that code to continue the process.
  • STEP 4: This is the last step. Here you will be asked to select the Securus phone service you would like to use he given options i.e. Advance Connect Account or Direct Bill Account.