How to Use Microsoft OnerDrive Free Storage on Your Phone and PC

Each passing day we come across information, photos, videos that we cherish so much and will not like to lose. One way to keep your data safe is by saving it in the cloud. cloud storage has many advantages. you can access your file anytime from any device.How to Use Microsoft OnerDrive Free Storage on Your Phone and PC

Onedrive is one of the best cloud storage available. In this article, we shall look into OneDrive free storage and how you can download the app. I will also be sharing with you how to make use of  Microsoft OneDrive free storage on your Phones and PC.

How to Use Onedrive Free Storage on your phone and PC

Meaning of OneDrive Storage

OneDrive is one of the various Microsoft programs that is used for file hosting service and synchronization service. Microsoft OneDrive allows users to save personal files and data in the cloud. Onedrive offers users  5GB free space ones you sign up. However, users can still buy more space. Those who have windows 8, 10 have OneDrive built into their operating system. However, you can still use it on other devices like Mac and  Android devices by downloading the app or through the website.

Users can upload any type of files like photos, videos, and documents. Then access them through the internet any time you are in need of them.

Microsoft OnerDrive Free Storage

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Benefits of  Onedrive free storage

Onedrive is one of the best cloud storage. There are many benefits users stand to gain from OneDrive free storage services.

  • With Microsoft OneDrive free storage users stand the chance of sharing files with others by sharing the link to the file or documents to whoever they want to share it In other words, you can share documents, photos, and videos with friends and colleagues.
  • You can easily open and edit your documents from OneDrive in other Microsoft programs like MS Word, Excel.
  • Onedrive allows users to sync their OneDrive account among other devices. That is to say, you can take a picture with your phone, its automatically saved to OneDrive and then edit the picture on your laptop or PC.
  • Signing up to Onedrive gives you access to other Microsoft programs such as Xbox Live, Outlook, etc.

How to install Microsoft OneDrive free storage

As early mention, That windows 8, 10 comes with the Onedrive installed. However, if you are using the older version of windows or other operating systems like Mac and android you will need to download and install Onedrive on your device.

To download Onedrive you can visit Google play store or Apple Store and search for Microsoft Onedrive.

Thereafter, log in with your  Microsoft account. If you don’t have a Microsoft account click here to learn how you can create one.

How to use Microsoft OneDrive free Storage on your PC

For PC users that use window 8, 10 Onedrive is already installed on the system. But, for other older version users or mac users, you will be required to install the Microsoft office 365 suit, in it you will see  Onedrive. Login in with your Microsoft account. Once you are login there are many things you can do with the one drive below are some of the things you can achieve

  • You can choose which folders to sync: you can change which folder are to be synched with on your PC. Right-click on the Onedrive and click on settings. Thereafter, click on “choose folders” and select which Onedrive folders are available on your PC. You can view the files that your sync by going to file explorer then search for OneDrive. You will see all the files on your PC at the moment. You can view them at any time, even when offline.
  • How to backup files to OneDrive: you can automatically save the files and folders on your PC automatically to the cloud. To achieve this click open the OneDrive in your system then go to settings select “Autosave tab”. Then use the drop-down menu to choose which folders are to be saved. Also, you can as well save pictures from a flash drive, camera, phones or other devices directly to OneDrive. All you need do is to connect the external device to your computer then, drag and drop the file to OneDrive.
  • How to share files from OneDrive: to share a folder or files in Onedrive right click on the file inside file explorer. Then select share an Onedrive link. The link will be copied to your clipboard so that you can paste on any program. If you want the person you are sharing it with to have more editing access to the file select “ More OneDrive options”.
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How to use Microsoft OneDrive free storage on your phone

After downloading the app from on your phone and you have to log in with your Microsoft account. The next challenge is how do you save files to the cloud. Below are the things you can achieve with the Microsoft Onedrive free storage on your phone.

  • How to share files from OneDrive: people have different ways they can use to share files on Onedrive with their phones. Apart from copying the file to your clipboard, you can also share a file by sending it to multiple people via email.
  • How to save Onedrive files offline: to save Onedrive files or folders for offline views simply click on the three dots that are on the folder then select “ keep offline”. Also, you can choose to download the file or folder to your phone by clicking on save.
  • How to backup your photo to OneDrive:  you can sync your camera folder with Onedrive to automatically save all your pictures on the cloud. To save your photos click on the camera activate the feature. This will autosave all your pictures and arrange them according to the date. You can also choose when to upload the image. When you connected to a wifi or with your mobile data

Onedrive Free Storage

In this article, we shall look into OneDrive free storage. I will also be sharing with you how to make use of  Microsoft OneDrive free storage on your Phones

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