First Hawaiian Bank Heritage Card is a card designed for those who have an account with First Hawaiian Bank and are interested in buying a new credit card.  The card has a competitive APR  and has an annual fee. If you would love a cheap credit card with a fair reward program then you can consider this card.

Features of First Hawaiian Bank Heritage Card

You get a Signup Bonus is 2.99% APR on purchases and balance transfers for the first eight billing cycles

There is no Annual Fee

The Cash Advance APR is 18%

The Cash Advance Fee can be $5 or 3% of the amount of each check, whichever is greater (for convenience checks), and either $5 or 5% of the amount of each cash advance, whichever is greater

The Late Payment Fee is Up to $38

Purchases APR is 16.74%


To use this credit card, you must meet the following criteria:

Be are at least 18 years old

Be a resident of Hawaii, Guam or Northern Mariana Islands

Have a valid SSN number

Have a valid mailing address in the United States

How to Apply for First Hawaiian Bank Heritage Card

Step 1 – Go to the First Hawaiian Bank Credit Card page and locate the Heritage tab and click on the Apply Now link to access the application form.

Step 2: Click the link here if want to do a joint application. Then indicate whether you want your photo on the back of the card and select the graphics card from the four available options.

Step 3: Next provide all required information in the field provided.

Step 4: If you have another home address, enter the full address in the fields in the section about the postal address. If not, go to the next step.

Step 5: Enter the required employment information in the appropriate fields

Step 6: Now give the necessary information about accommodation in the areas mentioned before you continue

Step 7: Next after completing the application, you need to read the terms and conditions and then accept them by clicking on the checkbox. When you’re done, click Send. Your application has been officially submitted for assessment to First Hawaiian Bank! Click Finish to close the secure online application.

How to Login

Go to First Hawaiian Bank to Start the login process. Locate the Bank Online Banking login page and identify the Hawaiian field. Once found, click Sign in to continue. Next enter your username and password and then click on Log in to open your online account.

The First Hawaiian Bank has recently adapted its online banking security, so you may need to create a new password to meet the new First Hawaiian Bank requirements. In this case, after completing the second phase of the login process, enter the current password and then enter a new password that meets the new security requirements before you click Save to continue.

Next you need to choose some security questions As an extra security measure, you can choose different security questions and enter specific solutions for you. You may need to answer these security questions in order to access your online account in the future.

Select or enter the phone number to which you want to receive verification codes and give a nickname for this number. Then you have to indicate how you want to receive the verification code.

If you cannot remember your password, you can easily reset it by clicking the Forgot your password? link. On the next page, enter your User ID into the specified area then go to the next steps. Next select if you would like to receive the verification code by sms or by voice call and click Next. By using this code and following the instructions in the subsequent pages, you will eventually be able to reset the password.


To activate the new card, simply Call the First Hawaiian Bank customer service number 1 (888) 844-4444. Then you can go ahead to register on the online banking for your newly activated account by clicking the Secure Registration. On the registration page, enter your Social Security Number, Account Number, FHB PIN, and Captcha phrase into the field provided and click on register. Click on Enroll and in the subsequent steps you will be able to conclude the process and set up your security details.

Telephone: 1 (888) 844-4444

Mailing Address: First Hawaiian Bank // PO Box 3200 // Honolulu, HI 96847.