First County Bank Visa Business Bonus Rewards Credit Cards is a credit card that offers a standard rewards program that offers you a 25% or 50% bonus points at the end of each payment cycle. If you regularly use the card and collect these points, it can be very profitable.

Any one who plan to use their card for most of their purchases may consider using the Bonus Plus for a fee of $ 50 per year. They stand the chance to earn double the points each month and $ 50 in cash on their first purchase which has already cancelled the $50 fee.First County Bank


You earn on [Bonus] 1 point for every dollar with 25% bonus each billing cycle, on the [Bonus Plus] 1 point every dollar with 50% bonus each billing cycle

The Signup Bonus on [Bonus] you get $25 cash back after first purchase, on [Bonus Plus] you get $50 cash back after first purchase

The Annual Fee on [Bonus] is $0, while on [Bonus Plus] is $50

The Cash Advance APR for both options is 23.99% APR

The Cash Advance Fee for both options is up to $38

Late Payment Fee $19 on balances under $100, $29 on balances between $100-$250, $39 on balances above $250

Purchases APR varies between 11.99%-22.99% APR


How to Apply

Go to each summary page for this card (Bonus, Bonus Plus) to open the application forms by clicking on the Apply now link.

Step 1: Provide all the basic information about your company required

Step 2: Account management

More accounts at First County Bank can be found here.

Step 3: Enter all personal details required as the owner of the company.

Step 4: To add one or more employees cards, click YES and provide the necessary information for each one.

Step 5: You must read the terms and conditions before selecting the box to agree to it. Next you can send your application for review.

How to Login First County Bank

To login to your account, go to the Elan Financial Services home page and enter your personal ID and ID-shield answer.

If you forgot your personal details or your ID Shield answer. Then click on the appropriate link to recover the credentials.

Activation / Registration

After receiving the card, if you want to activate it then use the number 1 (800) 558-3424 to do so. If you want to create an online account on Elan Financial Services, use the registration link provided in the registration forms. Then you need to set your account preferences, connect the new credit card with your account, set the security parameters and update your personal data before accessing the online banking service.

Telephone: 1 (800) 558-3424

Mailing Address: Cardmember Service P.O. Box 790408 St. Louis, MO 63179-0408