EverCard Platinum Visa credit card | Application and Login Process

The EverCard Platinum Visa credit card is only offered to the holder of the EverBank account. So, before you consider a credit card option, ask yourself: “Do I have an EverBank account?”. If the answer is “yes”, I would definitely recommend buying this Visa card.EverCard Platinum Visa credit card

They added an elegant choice between cash prizes or points (1 point /% cashback per dollar) at the time of registration, they charge very little in recurring taxes, do not require annual fees and, more importantly, offer a great APR of 10%! If that’s enough to convince you, scroll down and view our application guide and let’s show you exactly how you can get one.

We strongly encourage you to read the online privacy policy before you enter confidential information on the web portal.

Features EverCard Platinum Visa credit card

This card offers a rewards points option of  1 point per dollar spent, a  Cash option of 1% cashback on each dollar spent. Meanwhile, there is no sign up bonus, no annual fee, cash advance APR is 21%, cash advance fee of $2.50 or 2.5% of amount, whichever is greater and an attractive late payment fees as follows: For less than $1000, no late payment, for $1000-$2000, late payment is $15, and for  greater than $2000, the late payment is at $25 and finally, the purchase APR is 10%.


How to Apply For EverCard Platinum Visa credit card

Go to the card overview homepage and click the “Apply” now link button.

Step 1: personal information

You will be asked to select the required account and enter your full name and e-mail address.

Step 2 – Choose an account.

You need to describe in detail what kind of personal accounts you want to open and if you want, you can reply to what you’ve heard about EverBank.

Step 3: The security code.

In the next step, you are expected to create the security code as an extra measure.

Step 4 – Read the Terms and conditions and check the box to continue.

Step 5: Select the rewards program.

Now you can choose between cash rewards or points. No one is an option, but I advise you to use the programs because there are no additional costs involved.

Step 7: personal data.

Enter the expected personal information:

Step 8 – Information about your accommodation: enter all necessary information based on the request.

Step 9: Information about employment. Your employment information is required here, fill it appropriately:

Phase 10 – Co-applicant.

You have the opportunity to add a candidate and provide relevant information about him or her.

Step 11: general conditions.

You will be asked to open and save all the conditions below. Those related to the tariffs and costs associated with the card. If you accept everything, tick both boxes to submit your feedback card.

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How to login To EverCard Platinum Visa credit card

Click the designated link on the EverBank homepage and locate the box on the right side of the screen. You can manage your credit card in the Other category.

You will be redirected to the eZCardinfo website, where you can access the Username field. On the extra page you can enter your login details to continue with your online account.

Forgotten Password Detail

If you have forgotten your username or password, select the blue link below the relevant field. You will be asked to enter a 16-digit card number before referring to the pages on which you answer security questions that you made during registration.

Activation / registration.

To activate the card, call

1 (866) 604-0380 and speak to a customer service representative. For secure registration, click the link above and select the Subscribe now link on the eZCard info homepage. You will be asked to provide your credit card number, details about your security details, and provide some personal information before opening your account.


1 (888) 882.3837


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