The Agfed credit union secured Visa Card Login Online

The Agfed credit union secured visa card is a credit card that offers stress-free passage to customer portals in the market. Cardholders can now perform all their online transactions with speed and ease.


Holders of the Agfed credit union secured visa credit card are entitled to the following benefits

* A fairly low APR of 14.9% in the event that a holder misses a monthly payment

*There are no foreign transaction fees

*A generous travel insurance program

How to login Agfed credit union card

If you have challenges logging in, just follow the steps below:

Launch into the official webpage and enter your member number, or username and your password. Click on login to the account and you will be granted access to your account.

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Take note that you must activate your card before using it.You can use either of these options:

* Call 202-479-2270 to speak to a representative or

* click on the secure activation link and enter your member number and the last 4 digits of your SSN. Click on the blue login and once the process is completed, you can reset your account and activate your card.


To apply for this card, you must meet certain criteria to wit:

* You must have attained the age of 18

* Be a US citizen

* Have a valid govt issued ID card

* Be a member of the Agricultural Federal credit union

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How to apply Agfed credit union Card

*Log on to the official webpage

* Indicate whether you are applying as an individual or a co-applicant by clicking on “individual” or “joint” as the case may be

*Type in your borrower’s SSN and your member number.

* Enter the financial information required and validate the selections you have made.

As simple as it looks, you are ready to ride

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