The Agfed Credit Union Platinum Visa Credit Card

The Agfed credit union platinum visa credit card gives a 24 hours access to online banking.Cardholders can carry out all financial transactions without stress.


Aside from the fact that cardholders can pay their bills and carry out all kinds of financial transactions, the AGfed credit union platinum visa credit card offers a wide range of benefits to wit:

* Up to 1.25% cash rebate on all purchases

*Cash advance APR of  9.25% to 16.25% based on creditworthiness( Note that APR is amenable to change)

*A cash advance  of 2%

* purchase APR of 9.25% to 16.25% based on creditworthiness(APR is amenable to change.

If you are having issues with login into your account, the outline steps will serve as a guide.

How to login Agfed Credit Union Platinum Visa

Launch into the official website and enter the following details

* Your member number

* Your password

Once you click on ‘ login to account’, you will be granted access to your online account.

If you have forgotten your username and need to recover it, here is how: Click on the ‘forgotten username?’.A new page will open.Supply your

* full name

* member number

* Last 4 digits of your primary SSN

* Email address

* Your contact number

Click on ‘submit forgotten username request’ and follow the next set of instructions to retrieve your username

To reset your password, click on  ‘ forgotten your password?’ and fill in your

* full name

* member number

* Last four digits of your primary SSN

* Email address

* Your contact number

Click on submit ‘forgotten password request’ and follow the instructions to reset your password

Remember, you cannot use your AGfed card without activating it.To activate your card, call 1(800)449-7728 to get across to a representative who will take you through the process


After activating your credit card, you will need to register it.To register, click on the secure registration link, you will be directed to Agfed’s webpage.Supply your member number in the login field and your SSN in the space provided for a password.Click on ‘Login to will be put through a security test to ensure that you are human.You are required to enter a security code, fill in some personal information, set a username and password and answer some security questions.When you successfully pass this test, you are good to go.