Affinity Credit Union Low Fee Choice Rewards MasterCard

Affinity Credit Union Low Fee Choice Rewards MasterCard

The Affinity Credit Union Low Fee Choice Rewards MasterCard is the ideal card for people that need to keep up a low yearly expense for their MasterCard yet, want to get the same reward points that somebody paying $100 in yearly charges would get.


With the Affinity Credit Union Low Fee Choice Rewards MasterCard, you get all the benefits of an elite level card. You can earn significant reward points on eligible purchases for a negligible extra cost as well as gaining the benefits of an all-around credit card with a competitive interest rate.

With an annual fee of $24, you earn 1 point for every $1 spent on eligible purchases. The Affinity Credit Union Low Fee Choice Rewards MasterCard offers you a Signup Bonus of 1000 welcome bonus points, 3.99% promotional APR on balance transfers for 10 months. APR is subject to change. It’s over-the-counter cash advances is $4.00 in Canada and $4.85 outside Canada while it’s ATM cash advances is $2.00 in Canada and $3.50 outside Canada. The Cash Advance APR and the Purchases APR, both subject to change is 19.49% respectively. However, you must note that standard rate(s) that apply to your account will increase by 5% if your minimum payment is late more than once within 12 consecutive billing cycles.


Would you like to apply for the Affinity Credit Union Low Fee Choice Rewards MasterCard? The application process is fairly simple but it is mandatory you meet the requirements stated as follows:

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You are a resident of Canada and have a Canadian credit record

You are the age of majority in your province or territory

You have not filed bankruptcy in the last 7 years and have no seriously late payments


Did you meet the above requirements and would like to apply for this card? If yes, then, let’s begin.

Open this link in a browser. Scroll down until you’ve found the Low Fee CHOICE REWARDS MasterCard Credit Card, click Apply now.

Specify your affinity credit union affiliation by selecting yes and filling the blank field. Click Continue.

Tick the small box having the subheading Information box. You find this at the top of the page.

Next, supply your personal information including date of birth, mother’s maiden name and employment status. The fields with the red asterisk cannot be left blank.

Now, you can choose to add an authorized user to your account and you may skip these tasks if they are of no interest to you.

Then, click Continue.

Read the terms and conditions for this credit card and tick the small box located below it to provide your consent.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Continue to send your application into CUETS for review.

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You’re done and confirmation should be received shortly.

LOGIN IN Affinity Credit Union Low Fee Choice Rewards

Click on this link below:

Enter your Username. Click Sign in to continue to the next page. Enter your Password and Click Submit.


Click on the Forgot Password? Link beside the Password login field.

Input your Mother’s Maiden Name and your Date of Birth. Click Submit. You’ll be provided with the ability to retrieve your forgotten password.


To activate your card, call 1 (800) 561-7849.

Complete the instructions given by a customer service representative.

Your card is now activated.

You may now register for an online banking account with CUETS. To register, click on this link: which takes you to the online banking portal.

Click on the “New User/Enrol Now” link. Enter your Card Number. Click Submit.

Next, you have to supply some basic security information. Now, set up your login credentials which include a username and password for your account.

That’s all. Now you can manage your card in all the ways you would love to, including paying bills, viewing past statements, and transferring funds.


1 (800) 561-7849


CUETS Financial // P.O. BOX 3030 // Regina, SK // S4P 3G8

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