ABNB MasterCard Platinum Credit Card Login Online | Apply Now

The ABNB Visa Platinum Card is an excellent choice for anyone looking to gain buying power at highly cheap rates. It offers amazing low rates to its users. The card also offers great security advantage


ABNB MasterCard Platinum Credit Card is best for people with good credit rating. ABNB online banking offers highly placed management of your card account. You can review previous statements, update contact detail, transfer funds between accounts, and pay off your balance online. This card is available with 9.49% – 17.99% variable APR depending upon your credibility.

The card has no fees whether you are making a transaction or a balance transfer, the transfer of money is always free. The ABNB Visa Platinum also allows you to purchase online, and in stores around the world, and provides maximum security during the process with Visa’s checkout, and verified by Visa systems. ABNB also works in agencies with the choose Rewards which lets you store bonus points for every purchase, which can be later be used to qualify for high-quality rewards on the choose Rewards

There are no annual fees. The card also has 9.49% – 17.99% variable APR for cash advances and 9.49% – 17.99% variable APR for purchases

Cardholders will earn 1 point for every $1 they spend using the card. Cardholders also earn a signup bonus of 1.99% APR for a period of six billing cycles on balance transfers (APR is subject to change)

Guidelines To Login To Make Payments

Step 1: Visit ABNB secure online banking page https://www.abnbfcu.org/loans/personal-loans.

Step 2: Enter your user ID and click Log In

Step 3: Answer the challenge question and click Continue

Forgot Your ABNB MasterCard Platinum Credit Card User ID or Password?

Step 1: Locate and click Forgot your password link. This link is available on the login menu on the above secure online banking page.

Step 2: Enter your user ID.

Step 3: Type your name as it appears on the statement. However, you need to type the primary cardholder’s name in case you are a joint cardholder.

Step 4: Type your social security number.

Step 5: Enter your date of birth.

Step 6: Type billing address zip code.

Step 7: Enter your email address and click Submit

Guidelines To Activate ABNB MasterCard Platinum Credit Card

STEP 1: For the self-enrollment process, visit this link.

STEP 2: Read the terms and clauses, scroll right to the bottom and click ‘ I Agree‘.

STEP 3: Provide account number, account holder’s name, SSN, DOB, zip code, and email address.

STEP 4: Click ‘ Submit ‘. Follow the prompts on the next page(s) to complete the signup of your ABNB MasterCard Platinum Credit

Or simply Dial 1 (800) 443-1141 and follow the instructions to activate your credit card

Contact Information

Phone number

(800) 443-1141

Mailing Address

ABNB Federal Credit Union. 830 Greenbrier Circle, Chesapeake, VA 23320

Guidelines To Apply For ABNB MasterCard Platinum Credit Card?

Step 1: Visit the above card features page. Locate and click on the Apply Now button below the card features.

Step 2: Enter first and last name, SSN, and member number in case you are a member and click Submit to proceed to the next page.

Step 3: Mark both boxes under Terms and Conditions / Credit Report on the next page to continue the application.

Step 4: Enter ID details like name, date of birth, marital status, preferred, contact method, email address, and ID type, number, issuing state, and an end data of the ID.

Step 5: Enter your home, work, and mobile phone numbers along with a work extension number if any.

Step 6: Complete Current Address Section by providing data like your address, duration, and status of residency, rent/mortgage payment, and mortgage balance.

Step 7: Enter employer name, title or select if you are a self-employed person. Then, specify the amount and frequency of the payment, and work hours per week. Continue by mentioning the start date of the employment.

Step 8: Specify the other sources of income, if any, by providing the requested details.

Step 9: Specify data about three references.

Step 10: Specify loan terms by checking billing frequency, amount, purpose, promotion if any, and other data like requested by, card type, design, billing cycle, and select if the joint sign up is entitled to receive a card.

Step 11: Specify data about the authorized user if any in the requested fields.

Step 12: Click on Submit to send your online sign up to ABNB Federal Credit Union